Extreme Pong

Extreme Sports are all the rage… so why not Extreme Pong (as in Beer Pong… though, reasonably, you could play with any beverage… Lemonade Pong Anyone?). These days Beer Pong isn’t just a make-shift game played


All In Apparel Line

If you’ve purchased imprinted apparel before, you probably know that most product lines price the garments separately from the imprint…BNoticed now is featuring a new All-In Apparel Line. It’s called “All In” because…


HOT NOW: Phone Wallets

Imprinted Phone Wallets are one of the hottest promotional products right now. They’re a great for times when you need to pack light…


New for 2014: Pens with Personalities

Mom always said to find a relationship based on personality, not looks. Well, we fell in love with these new pens because they’ve got the best of both worlds… sexy looks and great personality. They were a major hit…


Cool or Crazy? CheeseTab

From time to time we come across a product that makes us stop and wonder if it’s a work of genius or just crazy… and thought we’d like you decide. While it appears to be another hot e-tablet in a nice leather case, it’s actually…


What’s Popular in Sochi?

Do you think that the days of collectibles are a think of the past? Think again. Every two years (considering spring and winter events), athletes and enthusiasts from around the world convene for a series of athletic competitions to determine who is best at each type of event… and to exchange…

29510088 ceramic mason mug

New for 2014: Ceramic Mason Mug

We’re always on the look out for interesting new products as well as new twists on popular products. This Ceramic Mason Mug qualifies as a cool new twist on the widely popular…


Full Color Imprinted Coolers

… most imprinted products are sold in bulk quantities in order to make it cost effective … That was the case with cooler and beverage jugs until a year or two ago … in fact, now it’s possible to order just one imprinted Igloo cooler!


Heart Health Blog Special Extended Thru 2/29/14

In honor of Heart Health Month, BNoticed is extending the previously announced blog special… a donation of 10% of Heart Health Products sold to the American Heart Association. Orders through 2/28/14 …


More Polar Vortex Promos

For years, many in the Midwest and Eastern United States have joked about the prospect of Nevada becoming beach front real-estate following the “Big One” (earth quake, that is) in California. It would appear this winter has given Californians the opportunity to point out that …


Polar Vortex Promos

Recently, many of us learned much more about the infamous “Polar Vortex” than we ever really wanted to know. Of course, it’s shared experiences like these than can make for highly effective promotional opportunities. We’re not just talking about “I Survived the 2014 Polar Vortex” imprinted on t-shirts…

29088872 gravity pen

Cool New Pen

During our recent tradeshow in Las Vegas, we found this cool and unique pen that’s new for 2014. It’s actually a combination Stylus and Pen… which is cool but not especially unique these days. What makes this pen unique is…


Pet Promos – Doggie Fetch & Rewards

In honor of a certain Bagel-Hound (Beagle-Basset) named Mac who’s recovering from knee surgery, we wanted to feature two of his favorite things in one promotional product…


PREVIEW: Neon Styled Light Up Sunglasses

These new El Wire Neon Styled Green Light-Up Sunglasses are a perfect way to BNoticed for St. Patrick’s Day! They’re so new, they’re not even on our website yet… and won’t be available until…


Taxes Bite, Bite Back!

April 15th is just around the corner which means that, if you haven’t already, it won’t be long before you’ll be thinking about taxes. As much as people dread tax time… even if you don’t owe money…


Value of Promotional Products

In 2013, the Advertising Specialty Institute published results of a global study conducted to determine the value of promotional products.  The study …


Heart Mug

Here’s a great promotional product for February’s Heart Health and #GoRed Month, it’s a Heart Mug with a twist. Instead of the entire mug shaped like a heart, this mug has a heart on the inside just like #GoRed supporters…


A Flyer’s Must Have

A few years back, we were checking in for our return flight and the airlines ticket agent advised that one of our bags was overweight and suggested that we pop open the bags and start shuffling things between bags to balance the load and avoid the “overweight” bag fee. If you’ve ever…


New for 2014: Logo Voodoo Doll Key Chain

Just a year ago this week on the way to our annual industry trade show, we saw these cute little voodoo doll key chains at an airport gift shop. There were a few different styles/colors…


In Real Life: Rainforest Cafe

While in Las Vegas for our industries annual tradeshow, we decided to visit the Rainforest Cafe inside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino for dinner the first night. For those who haven’t been to a Rainforest Cafe, it’s a destination in its own right. Rainforest1The Rainforest Cafe is elaborately decorated to look like an actual rainforest with…


Heart Health: From Red Hearts to Red Dresses

So, in honor of these events and to help spread the word of the important cause, BNoticed will make a donation to AHA when you purchase one of our many Heart Health Promotional Products….


BNoticed: The Blog’s Makeover

This marks our first post since initiating a makeover of BNoticed: The Blog. The makeover follows introduction of BNoticed’s new eCommerce site, www.bnoticed.com, in the 2nd half of 2013. While our developers continue to update and refine the new eCommerce site, the site’s new enhancements include:

Binformed Custom Hand Fans

B•Informed: Custom Hand Fans

Custom Hand Fans, known by a variety of other names including Rally Fans and Church Fans, are a great, lower-cost, promotional product …

Electronics & Technology Promotional Products

Promotional Electronics & Accessories

  (Click on any picture to view a larger version) Promotional Electronics and Electronics Accessories are one of the hottest and fastest growing areas …