Promotional Electronics & Accessories Part 2

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This is a continuation of our earlier blog entry highlighting some of the hottest promotional electronics and accessories available.   For a complete selection of choices in any category or more information on the featured products, just click on the associated link, visit or give us a call at 877.300.5005!

Custom Digital Photo Frame

Custom Digital Photo Frames continue to be popular as higher-end gifts, especially for the holidays.  Like traditional picture frames, there are a variety of styles available from sleek matte black frames to clear acrylic and polished silver.   Similarly, there are a wide range of sizes available from 1 1/2″ mini digital photo key chains to 10″ and larger frames.  The most popular digital picture frames are in the 3.5″ for desk top usage and 7″ for home use.  In addition to the size of the picture frames, prices are also very dependant on the amounts of internal memory included.  Note many picture frames are priced as blank goods (without an imprint) even though imprinting may be available for an additional fee.

 [box type=”info”]Note! Since memory included in most digital picture frames, cameras and video cameras is considered a commodity, prices can fluctuate daily. As a result, many picture frames will indicate that a quote will be provided upon request. Even if prices are listed, be sure to verify pricing has not changed.[/box]

Imprinted Video Cameras

Custom imprinted video cameras are another higher-end product that can be ideal for gifts, employee recognition and some innovative promotions.  For example, if you’re having a major event, why not raffle off a few imprinted video cameras and ask recipients to take video throughout the evening and then upload it to your You-Tube site or Facebook.  It’s a great way to create buzz and encourage attendance at future events!   Again, published pricing may or may not include an imprint on these products so be sure to ask!

Imprinted Digital Cameras

There are is an increasing selection of imprinted digital cameras available.  With the increased selection, cameras are available at a wider range of price points as well. Like most retail digital cameras, these cameras typically include only a limited amount of memory and will require purchase of memory cards in order to take any quantity of pictures.  As an option, consider digital camera accessories including imprinted tripods and custom camera cases.

Custom USB Hubs

Custom USB Hubs allow users to connect multiple USB devices to a computer through a single USB connection.  These can be handy gadgets for cluttered desks at work and at home.  These hubs come in a wide range of innovative and stylish designs many of which are integrated with other electronic accessories such as cell phone stands to further optimize use of limited desktop space.  There are hubs designed to look like robots, cars, animals and much more.  

Custom Imprinted Mouse

Just about everyone has at least one computer, so a custom imprinted mouse can be a great promotional product that people will use daily.  There are hundreds of different mice to choose from including wired USB mice as well as wireless mice.  In additional to traditional styled mice that can be imprinted with your logo, there is a large selection of innovative mice designs including mice that look like cars and ultra-thin mice.  These unique products will get even more attention for your logo.  Of course, one of our favorite is the featured mouse that is paired with a USB hub.  This device features a custom wrap imprint around the product for a truly one-of-a-kind product.  

Custom Keyboards

Like custom mice, custom keyboards can be a functional promotional product that people will use frequently.   In addition to the traditional styled keyboards, flexible keyboards imprinted with your logo are available in a wide range of colors.  For an eco-friendly alternative, there’s a bamboo keyboard available as well.  Many of the silicone keyboards are also water-resistant which can be idea in spill-prone areas (like most desks where people drink coffee and sodas!).  There are even dishwasher-safe keyboards that could be ideal for medical facilities.  For an even more unique look, consider a light-up keyboard!

Custom Web Cam

With the popularity of Skype and other internet based video conference services, custom web cams can be a great way to keep employees, friends, family and customers connected.  Companies that want to limit travel costs or increase teaming of a disperse workforce can utilize web cams to support widespread video conferencing.  Similarly, companies might consider giving key customers custom web cams to support routine face-to-face discussions especially when it can be beneficial to enable customers to see samples, mock-ups, designs or such.  There are several choices including designs that can be easily slipped on to the frame of flat screen monitors to limit impact on desk space. 

Custom Mouse Pads

Custom mouse pads are a low-cost electronics accessory that offers a large imprint area, optimal visibility on user’s desk and multi-function options.  One of our favorite options is the custom photo mouse pads that enables users to add a picture of loved ones, vacation spots or other items of interest.  This personalization helps to ensure that the mouse pad, and your logo, stay front and center on their desk.  In addition, there are mouse pads that include an integrated calculator, USB hub and other feature.  Even the more traditional mouse pads have more options than one might imagine with varying thicknesses as well as  hard plastic and cloth surfaces.

Custom Laptop Stands

One of the newer promotional products available are custom laptop stands that help to keep laptops at a more ergonomic angle for typing and viewing.  While there are only a couple of options currently, there’s likely to be more and more coming given the ever-increasing popularity of laptops.   Many, like the newly introduced featured product pictured here, are foldable for easy mobility.  These stands can offer a great imprint are while meeting a functional need of users which means that they’ll likely be around for a long time to come!

Custom USB Flash Drives

Custom USB Flash Drive (a.k.a. thumb drives, etc.) are extremely popular promotional products.  As such, there is an enormous selection of styles available in just about any theme and even the ability to create a fully custom design tailored to your specific requirements.  From robot styled and key chain drives to stylish wrist band and credit card style drives, the options go on and on.  Most can be equipped with varying amounts of memory from 256MB to more than 1GB. 

These USB Flash Drives make great tools for employees who need to transfer files between computers as well as for companies to deliver documents to customers and suppliers.  They can also be great sales tools that can hold sales presentations, product specs, product images and much more in an easy to transport form.  There are even lockable flash drives available that require a combination to access the USB connector. 

As with all electronics that include memory, prices can fluctuate so it’s advisable to verify all pricing.

Custom Laptop Bags

Custom Laptop Cases and Bags printed or embroidered with your company or event logo can make great customer and employee gifts.  There are a wide array of styles, sizes and options to choose from, including more traditional brief case style bags to rolling laptop bags.  More recently, there are more and more choices tailored to women featuring trendy shopping tote styling and brighter colors.  There are even options that include solar panels that can help to charge batteries for those on the go!   

Custom External Hard Drives

Like Flash Drives, Custom External Hard Drives (a.k.a. Portable Hard Drives) can be a great way to make documents and data portable… just on a bigger scale.  While the selection of external hard drives that can be customized is much more limited compared to USB drives, there are varying options available from standard metal cases to leather-covered drives.  There are options for 120GB to more than 750GB of storage space available.

Custom Electronic Games

Custom Electronic Games imprinted with your logo can be great for fundraisers, outreach and much more.  There are even electronic hand-held casino games including slots and Texas Hold-em  that would be perfect for casino promotions and gift shops and well as casino theme events like casino-night fundraisers.  Games like Sodoku can even be great to help sharpen young and aging minds!  There are even a couple of mini-keychain size electronic games available.

Customized Track Back Tags

With the proliferation of mobile electronics such as laptops, cell phones and now tablets, Custom Track-Back Tags (a.k.a. Custom Recovery Tags) can be an invaluable promotional product.  These tags are imprinted with your logo and attached to electronic devices.  If the devices is lost, the tag enables it to be returned to the owner at no cost to them (or you!).  These tags can be great for companies that provide employees with laptops, cell phones and other electronics to help in recovering lost devices… and, the data that they hold!    

Custom Accessories Bags

Custom Accessories Bags can be great promotional products for travelers as well as those on the go.  Between laptops, cell phones, audio players and tablets, the abundance of electrical cords, USB cords, ear buds and other accessories can become difficult to manage.  As such, custom logo accessory bags can be great promotional products.  They can also be great tools for employees to help them keep track of all the cords and accessories for company furnished electronics!