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Promotional Electronics and Electronics Accessories are one of the hottest and fastest growing areas for promotional products.  That’s not surprising when you consider how reliant most of us have become on our personal electronics, from cell phones and tablets to computers and laptops.   In fact, in a recent poll by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, consumers overwhelmingly said that they’d keep their cell phones over such things as cable television, designer coffee and even internet service.  So, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that promotional electronics and accessories are a great way to reach consumers.  With an increasingly wide selection of products at a wide range of price points, these products can be effective for advertising, fundraising, recognition and much more.

Here are some of the wide range of promotional electronics and accessories that are available.  For a complete selection of choices in any category or more information on the featured products, just click on the associated link, visit or give us a call at 877.300.5005!

Custom Cell Phone Cases

One of the hottest items right now are custom cell phone cases.  While the selection for custom iPhone cases is clearly the best, there are more and more options being introduced for other models including cases for Blackberries and various Android models.

In terms of iPhone cases, there are several basic type of cases available including soft and flexible, Silicone Cell Phone Cases that stretch around the sides and back of the phone to provide protection and cushion to the phone.  These silicone cases are often the lowest price options available.  Some models can be imprinted with one or more colors while other’s are available with a laser etched imprint.  In the case of laser etching, the imprinted logo can appear in a different color when the etched area is color filled or when a layered silicone product is selected which features a different color of silicone on the inside of the case.  It’s important to note that because silicone stretches, there can be some variation in the imprints on silicone cases though reputable suppliers can limit this variation to a great degree.  Also, when etching silicone, designs with thicker lines are preferrable.  As always, a reputable distributor will assist you in ensuring your design can be reproduced well.

As an alternative to silicone cases, Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU Cell Phone Cases are more rigid plastic cases that fit onto cells.  These cases can offer great durability as well as options for full-color imprints.  The rigidity of these cases also helps to address the variations that can occur in stretchy material like silicone as well as enables imprinting with designs featuring finer details.

There are a variety of additional custom cell phone cases to choose from including faux leather and leather cell phone cases, neoprene cell phone cases and more.  Be sure to check out the write-up below concerning imprinting on leather iPad and tablet cases since the same information typically applies to all leather goods including cell phone cases.

[box]TIP! Be sure to specify the specific version of device that you’re interested in purchasing a case for.  Since the buttons and connections can vary from one version to another, there may be different cases specific to each version of the product.  This applies to both cell phone cases and tablet cases.[/box]


 Custom iPad Cases & Tablet Cases

When it comes to tablets, the majority of options currently available are Custom iPad Cases, including specific custom iPad2 Cases designed for the latest version of the tablets.  While there are some custom tablet cases that can work for a variety of tablet models, the choices for other models are emerging for the Zoom Tablet as well as the Kindle e-reader.

[box]TIP! For those interested in cases for tablets other than the iPad, it’s suggested to find a iPad case of interest and then call us to see if a similar product is available yet for your tablet model![/box]

Like cell phone cases discussed above, there are several different types of Custom iPad Cases available including Custom Silicone iPad Cases, Custom TPU iPad Cases, Custom Neoprene iPad Cases, Custom Faux Leather iPad Cases and Debossed Leather iPad Cases.  Considerations relative to the silicone and TPU cases are similar to those of cell phone cases discussed above.  Custom Neoprene iPad Cases typically are configured as sleeves that the iPad can be stored and carried within. There are a variety of options that include full-color imprinted neoprene sleeves as well as stock designs that a logo or custom message can be added to.  In addition to neoprene, there are also a variety of custom leather iPad sleeves available.   These sleeve type cases can frequently accommodate a variety of different tablets and e-readers.

Relative to folio styled faux leather and genuine leather cases, there are a wide range of iPad Case Options.  These include cases that serve dual purposes as both a protective case and stand.  These cases can be configured to display the iPad in the portrait or landscape configuration at an angle for easy viewing and typing.  There are even a few choices that include a bluetooth keyboard in the case.

It’s important to note that while most faux leather cases can be customized with a debossed or hot-stamp logo, most reputable suppliers will only customize genuine leather with a debossed imprint.  Debossed imprints are essentially “one color” imprints in that the customized design is molded into the leather.  Because of the rougher texture of genuine leather, other types of imprinting (e.g. screening, pad imprinting and hot stamping) are typically not used since they will not yield a crisp, clean imprint.  Debossing requires creation of a dye of the desired logo or design which tends to have a higher set up cost than most ink based imprints as well as often offers a smaller imprint area.  For faux leather cases, there is often an option for hot stamp imprinting which provides a color imprint option in addition to debossing.

Most recently, there is a full-color imprinted ipad case option available.  These innovative cases provide a full-wrap imprint on a case that can be configured to display the iPad in either portrait or landscape configuration.

Custom Cell Phone Skins and Tablet Skins

Custom Phone Skins and Custom Tablet Skins are a lower cost option to provide full-color customization to these personal electronic devices.   In addition to Custom iPhone Skins and Custom iPad Skins, custom electronics skins are available for a wide range of other cell phone and tablet manufacturers and models.  In fact, skins are available for a vast array of electronic devices including Amazon’s Kindle and other e-readers as well as Nintendo, X-Box and other game consoles as well as hand-held games.

These skins are essentially a large decal that utilizes a non-residual adhesive so that when removed from a device, there’s no residue left on the device.  These skins are typically digitally printed in sheets that include cut-outs for device buttons, connectors, screens, etc.  These cut-outs go through the skins but not the backing.  When the device skin is peeled from the paper backing, the cut-out areas will remain on the backing.

Since these skins are digitally printed, photos and rasterized artwork can be utilized in addition to the normal vector artwork that is often required for custom imprints.  Artwork is copied onto Adobe Photoshop templates that are scaled to the dimensions of the specified device and shows the buttons and connection cut-outs on the decal surface.

Completed skins are shipped to the customer for application to the device(s).  Placement is relatively straight-forward by starting on one edge and aligning along the perimeters and around cut-out areas with a light-press to hold.  Then, applying firmer pressure once the decal is in position to hold it in place and using finger tips to eliminate bubbles.

In addition to the full wrap imprint of the skin, a key benefit is that they typically have a minimum order quantity of just one skin.

Imprinted iPad Stands

Custom iPad Stands are beginning to emerge as an alternative to custom cases that incorporate a display mechanism.  These separate stands range from a simple stand designed to hold the iPad in a landscape or portrait orientation to more elaborate stands that incorporate chargers and/or speakers.  Some of the more basic stands can accommodate other model tablets in addition to iPads. [box]TIP! When using stands for other than the stated devices, it’s always a good idea to ask if the stand will accommodate a specific model device… and, if at all possible, purchase a sample to verify that it meets your needs and preferences![/box]

Custom Cell Phone Stands

There are a variety Custom Cell Phone Stands options that offer a range of functionality and styles to meet a variety of needs.  Choices include holders designed with a non-slip surface that folds flat and a holder designed to hang over the charger’s plug connected to an outlet to help address some of these short power cords that manufacturers are utilizing these days.  There’s a variety of styles from those designed like a folding beach chair ideal for a supper promotion or a glass slipper that could be perfect for a women’s event.   There’s even a holder that’s designed to look like a plunger… which is sure to capture some attention!

Custom Android Tablets

It’s even possible to get Custom Android Tablets.  While promotional android tablets tend to be less well-known brands like Colby, Sylvania and Supersonic, they typically utilize comparable android operating systems have offer similar functionality at lower price points.  They are also available in bulk order quantities.    These tablets can be utilized for employee recognition and reward programs as well as for premium gifts.

Note that not all android tablets can be customized with an imprint.  However, the availability of custom cases and skins can provide options for customization even on non-customizable tablets and brand name tablets.


Custom Stylus

Custom Touch Screen Styluses can be an ideal accessory given the expanding popularity of touch screen phones, tablets and other devices.  This can be expected to continue as computer manufacturers make plans to roll out touch screen hybrid laptop/tablet devices in the coming months.  There are a wide range of custom styluses available including combination pen/stylus and pen/USB drives as well as dedicated compact and full-size styluses.   Like pens, styluses are available in a variety of price points with comparable imprint options.

Custom Laser Pointers & Custom Presenters

Custom Laser Pointers and Custom Presenters are great tools for many businesses.  Whether it’s for training sessions, seminars, sales presentations or everyday business meetings, presentations are an integral part of many businesses.  Custom Laser Pointers enable those presenting material to highlight information presented on a projection screen, flip chart or white board from across the room.  Similarly, Custom Presenters interface with a laptop or personal computer allowing those presenters to advance (and back) through PowerPoint presentations.  Most of these custom presenters utilize wireless technology to provide presenters with free movement around a room within range of the device.  Many custom presenters also incorporate laser pointers while some also include USB storage devices.

[box]TIP! Consider using green laser pointers when utilizing television monitors during presentations since the red lasers may not show up on television screens. [/box]

 Custom MP3 & MP4 Players and Custom Radios

Custom MP3 Players, Custom MP4 Players and Custom Radios are consistently popular promotional products.  There are a wide range of styles and features available for each of these devices from traditional MP4 players with colorful displays to credit card size MP3 players featuring full-color imprints.  When shopping for players, consider imprint areas and memory capacity in addition to size, styling and features.

With custom radios, there are numerous combination products available including combination radio/flashlights, radio/pedometers, radio/coolers and even radio/plush toys.  These combination device have higher perceived values and therefore make great gift items for holidays, employee picnics, recognition programs and much more.

For a great accessory option for MP3 and MP4 players, consider Custom Music Download Cards which can be given for a free download of songs from a designated internet site.  In most cases, purchasers can select the number of songs that can be included on each card.  There are even Custom Music Download Dog Tags that include music downloads available.

Custom Speakers

Custom Speakers imprinted with your logo are a great incentive or gift item as an accessory for today’s digital audio devices and radios.  There are a wide range of speakers available including both AC and Battery powered options.  The sound quality of many of these compact size speakers can be surprisingly good.  In addition, the vast array of styles, from traditional to egg-shaped – even one that looks like a vintage microphone,  means that there’s very likely a suitable product for just about any promotion.  There are also a large number of combination products available including speaker/coolers, speaker/folding chairs and speaker/docking stations.

Custom Ear Buds

For an even lower cost audio accessory, consider Custom Ear Buds.  With their small size, many of the custom ear buds are imprintable on the ear bud container or package.  To optimize your imprint area while ensuring customer’s retain the part with your logo, consider retractable ear buds like those featured here.  Users will appreciate the fact that these retractable ear buds can help them avoid tangled wires too!  There are a variety of ear buds available in a wide range of colors and styles.  Ear buds can be great gift items for awareness walk participants as well as for fundraising efforts.

For a really innovative alternative, consider apparel items like hoodies and knit caps that include integrated ear buds sewn into the garment.  Most of these products enable users to wash, wear and listen.   With custom imprinting on the garments, these can provide unparalleled imprint areas for ear buds too!

Custom Electronics Chargers

As new devices continue to require more and more power to provide the incremental functionality, many users are finding the need for travel chargers and back up power capabilities.  Many new phones, for example, won’t even last a full  workday on a single charge!   There are a number of Custom Electronics Chargers available to provide users with alternative charging capabilities or even back-up power.  These typically include a variety of universal connectors that enable the chargers to be used with a wide range of different devices.  In addition to battery back up type chargers, there are also custom car chargers, custom USB chargers, and custom solar chargers available.

[box]TIP! If you have a specific device that you want to ensure a charger can be used with, be sure to let your distributor know so that they can verify that the product has a suitable adapter.  It can also be a good idea to purchase a sample to ensure that the product will meet your specific needs. [/box]

Custom Electronics Holders

Custom holders are another great, low cost accessory for many personal electronic devices such as iPods, cell phones, and digital cameras.  This broad category of products includes items such as Custom Water Tight Beach Safes that are large enough to accommodate most personal electronics.   With your imprint on the side, they’ll know who to thank the next time they head out for a day at the beach or pool!

This Custom Arm Band Case is another great specialty holder for personal electronics that would be ideal for runners, walkers, bikers and hikers who want to listen to music while they work out or keep their cell phone handy.   Most of these armbands have enough room to hold other necessities such as money, credit/debit cards and identification.

There are a variety of other holders available including general holders to other specialty designed for use during specific activities (e.g. beach, running, golfing, etc.).  Search for cell phone holder, mp3 holder, etc. for more options.


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