101 Branded Corporate Gifts for the 2011 Holidays

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Here’s BNoticed’s 2nd Annual List of 101 Branded Corporate Gift Ideas for the 2011 Holidays!  Be sure to check out our prior list and gift idea posts since many of those products are still available too!  While most products listed are available on our website at www.bnoticed.com using the links provided, some are not yet available on-line.  If you are interested in more information on any of these products, just give us a call at 877.300.5005!

#1  Logo Headphones

Logo Headphones and Imprinted Ear Buds can be a great holiday gift idea for 2011.  They’re a great accessory for iPods and MP3 players that are so still popular.  There are an increasing number of options to choose from both for headphones and ear buds.  While headphones can typically be imprinted with logos directly on the device, the size of ear buds requires imprinting on a case, holder or cord retractor in most cases.  That said, if purchasing in large quantities (5000+), custom ear buds with a logo printed on the bud itself are just now becoming available… and they can look HOT!  We’re expecting to see these become increasingly available in lower order quantities over the next year or two.

#2 Custom Acrylic Tumblers & Straws

These Custom Acrylic Tumblers with straws and lids are among the most popular promotional products available right now.  They are available in a wide range of vibrant colors and in multiple sizes.   There are also a variety of straw options becoming available from the standard acrylic straw that is colored the same as the tumbler to crazy straws that are shaped in loops and hoops inside the tumbler.

A few factories have even introduced special editions for the holidays like the one pictured which features a candy-cane striped straw.  Add some candy for an inexpensive yet eye-catching and functional gift.  There’s even a special edition that comes with a stuffed holiday toy with arms that wrap around the tumbler!

Add your logo and/or a holiday message to one or both sides of the tumbler.  There are even a few factories that offer a near-full-wrap imprint around the tumbler creating even more innovative imprint options!

#3  Custom Plush Toys

Custom plush toys (a.k.a. custom stuffed animals) are a mainstay holiday gift item.  With thousands of different shapes, sizes and styles to choose from, odds are that you can find just about any type of stuffed animal that you’re looking for.  There are a variety of ways that push toys can be customized but the most common is imprinting on t-shirts or other apparel items that the stuffed toy is dressed in.  In some cases, custom tags can be imprinted.  Of course, you can create your own customization by combining plush toys with other imprinted products like flashing buttons, imprinted scarves, custom necklaces and much more.

In larger quantities, it’s even possible to obtain custom designed plush toys.  These options typically will require a lead time of about 60 days or more, so be sure to plan ahead for the holidays if you’re interested in a custom plush toy.

#4  Engraved and Imprinted Watches

Custom Engraved and Imprinted Watches are another popular gift item for the holidays.  There is a large selection of custom watches available at a wide range of price points.  These include major brand name watches as well as lower priced alternatives.

Imprints on watches are typically either engraved on the back of the watch or an imprint on the face of the watch.   In some cases, the full face of the watch can be custom imprinted.  In addition to more traditional watches, there are a variety of trendy styles like Silicone Slap Band Watches that are increasingly popular with the younger crowd.

#5   Imprinted Wine Vacuum Stops

These Imprinted Wine Vacuum Stoppers can be a great high-tech alternative to the traditional wine bottle stoppers.  They can help keep those high-priced wines fresh longer so that they can be savored for days to come.   They’re a great way for a high-tech company to give a gift reflective of their image… while also serving great function in helping recipients savor the taste of their fine wines.  They’re the perfect complement for a wine gift… or is the wine the complement to these stoppers?

#6   Custom Fleece Sets

Custom Fleece Sets will keep their recipients warm on those cold winter days that accompany the holiday season in most areas of the country.  There are several standard fleece sets available with varying items included like caps, scarves and beanies.  Of course, you can always create your own set by combing individual products… and they don’t have to be fleece.  Consider knits from cotton to wool.

Apparel items like these are most frequently embroidered which can support lower order quantities (e.g. as few as 12).  Some products can also be screen printed, however, this typically requires larger order quantities and a smoother surface to produce a quality imprint.

#7   Custom Serving Trays

Custom Serving Trays can be a handy corporate gift for the holidays equipping recipients with a tool that will come in handy for their holiday events.  There’s a variety of styles and choices available from traditional silver trays to eco-friendly bamboo trays like the one featured.  The products can be subtly etched, engraved and printed depending on the product.

Add some gourmet holiday cookies, chocolate or candies for a tasteful gift… or bath towels, a robe and spa set to create encourage a little self-indulgence!

#8   Engraved Snow Globes

Engraved Snow globes are a fun, traditional holiday gift.  There are a variety of stock snow globes available featuring winter and holiday themes.  Many of these stock items can be engraved with a logo or personalization for the recipient.  In larger quantities (over 250), it’s even possible to create a fully custom snow globe featuring your own scene or even logo inside the globe.  These fully custom globes have a minimum production lead time of at least 60 days, so plan early for that choice.

At lower price points, there are a variety of logo photo snow globes available which can have an imprinted image or photo inserted into the globe for an economical option to create a custom globe gift.

It’s important to note that these globes can freeze in transit.  As such, suppliers may be unable to ship in below freezing weather conditions.

#9   Imprinted Ceramic Coffee Cups

Logo  Ceramic Coffee Cups can still make quite an impression as a corporate gift especially when selecting uniquely styled cups, combining into a set of 2, 4 or more and packaging in a great gift box like the one featured.

These imprinted ceramic cups can be imprinted with a logo, holiday message or both.  Create a classic look with a subtle imprint or deliver a fun-loving image with a colorful cartoon.  There are even imprints options with ink that is heat sensitive delivering alternative messages when hot liquids are poured into the cup!

#10  Engrave Cigar Accessories

For the cigar aficionado on your gift list, Custom Cigar Accessories can be an ideal gift.  From engraved cigar cutters and imprinted lighters to custom cigar boxes and premium humidor, there are many options available.  Even a classy engraved silver cigar tube/holder stocked with a single quality cigar can be an impressive gift for the cigar enthusiast.

There are even gift options for the pipe and tobacco smokers from pipe stands to smokeless ashtrays.

#11  Debossed Travel Wallets

Travelers will appreciate a quality Debossed Travel Wallet to keep their identification, passport and tickets secure and accessible while traveling for business or pleasure.  In addition to quality leather wallets, there are a variety of lower cost faux leather (e.g. leatherette) wallets that can also be debossed with a logo or message.

In addition to varying pockets inside the wallet, there are options for soft, flexible constructed wallets vs more rigid wallet structures as well as fold-over and zippered models.  While most travel wallets are available in black and brown, there are alternative color wallets available as well.

#12  Logo Multi-Function Tools

Logo Multi-Function Tools are another holiday mainstay gift item.  There are a wide variety of styles, colors and features available.  These multi-function tools typically include a pocket knife, scissors, corkscrew, file and screw driver while some models even include USB drives.   From major brands like Swiss Army to unbranded tools, these can be particularly useful gifts for travelers as well as the handyman (or woman) on the holiday list.

These multi-function tools are typically pad printed, etched or engraved with a logo or custom message.  Some are available in a gift box or pouch.

#13   Engraved Letter Openers

Engraved Letter Openers like this silver star opener can make a classic business gift that recipients will have on their desks for years to come.  There are a wide range of shapes and styles to choose from with many available in a gift box like.  In addition to sliver and chrome finished openers, there are a variety of openers made from other materials including those with handles made from choice wood, marble and even crystal.

As an alternative, consider gift sets that combine letter openers with note pad holders, pens and pencils and other desk accessories.

#14   Imprinted Picnic Sets

When it comes to Imprinted Picnic Sets, there are many choices from classic lined and unlined wicker baskets to contemporary backpacks that serve as both storage and cooler.  These sets typically are equipped with 2 or 4 place settings of reusable dishes and flatware.  Many of the contemporary picnic sets include a variety of pockets to carry wine, utensils and other essentials for the perfect picnic.

In addition to customizing with your imprinted or embroidered logo, consider adding some custom imprinted wine and gourmet snacks or candy.

#15   Gourmet Candy

While Gourmet Candy is probably one of the most classic holiday business gift, however, the choices have evolved to encompass far more options than ever before, like the featured Mocha Latte Toffee packaged in a branded gift box.  Of course, the more traditional selection of boxed truffles, custom chocolates and nuts are still widely available along with hard candy.  Often, gourmet candy can be an ideal gift item for office settings since it can be readily shared among a larger group of people.

As an alternative, consider creating your own candy gift by combining an imprinted candy jar featuring your logo along with imprinted hard candies or bulk candy.  It’s a great way to create a one-of-a-kind gourmet candy gift.

#16  Imprinted Picture Frames

Imprinted Picture Frames are another favorite holiday gift.  There’s a huge selection of frames available ranging from classic silver and wood frames to more contemporary colorful picture frames like these acrylic frames.  These frame can typically be imprinted or engraved with your logo and/or holiday message.  Picture frames are available at a wide range of price points to fit just about anyone’s budget.

The great thing about picture frames is that they’ll be displaying your logo as well as the recipients friend and families photos for years to come.  Remember, people rarely discard photos and framed pictures!    Consider adding a picture of the recipient from the company holiday party or similar event for an added touch of personalization!

#17   Imprinted Safety Lights

Imprinted Emergency Kits and Gear like this safety light can be a thoughtful holiday gift idea.  With such gifts, you are giving recipients a level of security and peace of mind in addition to a useful and functional product.  Often people recognize that they need such products but put off purchasing one… that is, until they need one.  That’s why there’s always the last-minute rush to stores when storms are approaching, after earthquakes and any power outages.  They’ll be thanking you not only when they need the product but when hear those cautionary commercials about being prepared.

There are a variety of Emergency Kits available for home, office and automobiles.  This featured product is an ideal tool for the car because it not only features a LED flashlight but a seat-belt cutter and windshield breaking tool all in one package!

#18   Debossed Laptop Cases

A quality Debossed Laptop Case can make an ideal gift for employees and clients alike.  From leather and faux leather to durable synthetic materials, there are a many choices available in a wide range of colors and styles.  With a subtle debossed logo or imprint, these laptop cases will provide both functionality and style.  There are even rolling laptop case options available for those professionals that are on the move as so many of us are these days.

Be sure to consider the size of laptops when selecting a laptop case.  Many laptop cases are designed for 15″ laptops, however, there are choices available for larger laptops as well.

#19   Imprinted Automatic Wine Openers

These Imprinted Automatic Wine Openers make opening a bottle of while a breeze.  You just position the opener over the cork, push a button and it drives a corkscrew down into the cork and back up.  When it stops, the corks been removed.  These are handy rechargeable devices that are a must-have for any wine lover.

Note:  We’ve had the some one for over 5 years now and love it.  When our guests see it, they’re always intrigued and usually ask if they can give it a try… and then ask where we got it.  Add your logo to the opener and it’ll be getting that attention too!

#20 Imprinted Jewelry Boxes

Imprinted Jewelry Boxes are great gift ideas for men and women alike.  Whether it’s for cuff links and watches or earings and bracelets, jewelry boxes are a common feature in most bedrooms.  Imprinted Jewelry Boxes come in a variety of sizes from small silver containers to larger wood boxes with multiple trays like the featured product.   Jewelry boxes can typically be engraved or imprinted with your logo or custom message.

Of course, you can always up the ante with a jewelry box by adding a piece of jewelry inside!

#21  Branded Wall Clocks

Branded Wall Clocks may sound like a tame corporate gift, but if you make it an artistic clock or something innovative, it can be a unique and functional gift for home or office.  And when it comes to an innovative option, consider this extraordinary unique handless MoMa clock with the floating ball that moves around the perimeter of the face to tell the time.  It’s the type of clock that will capture a lot of attention from the recipients and their guests!

#22   Custom Ornaments

Of course, Custom Ornaments are always great corporate gifts for the holidays.  With hundreds of choices, there are options for just about any preference and style.  These include traditional ball ornaments with full custom imprints, custom cast pewter ornaments featuring your logo or custom design, custom die cut ornaments, engraved silver ornaments and etched crystal ornaments.  There are even full-color crystal ornament options like the featured ornament.

For fully custom ornaments, the lead times can be in the 60-90 day range for hand painted ball ornaments and custom cast pewter ornaments.  Custom die cut ornaments tend to have the next longest lead time.  For shorter production times, consider stock shapped metal and crystal ornaments which can be imprinted, engraved or etched.  Of course, with any ornament, lead times tend to increase closer to the holidays and supplies can run low.  Bottom line, order early to avoid disappointment with lead times or inventory levels.

#23   Branded Gift Boxes

While some may not consider a branded gift box as being a holiday gift idea, the reality is that a quality gift box like these imprinted wooden blanket boxes will very likely be kept and used by the gift recipients… and in some cases, may be around years longer than the gift that they include!  In addition, a quality or memorable gift box can be a great way to brand gifts that are otherwise could not be imprinted.

Gift boxes can also substantially increase the perceived value of gifts… consider why higher end retail apparel stores wrap shirts in tissue that’s sealed with an embossed decal and placed into a quality gift box.

As an added or alternative measure, consider custom imprinted gift wrap, imprinted tissue paper or imprinted gift totes to further brand or customize a corporate gift.  Custom gift wrap and tissue paper can have longer lead times while branded gift bags can generally be available with a limited production time.

#24   Branded Fountain

For something unique, consider a branded table top fountain.  It will add a little tranquility to the recipients office or home.  It’s also great for those interested in employing some feng shui principles in their decor.  In addition to the featured fountain, there’s also an illuminated rock fountain available for a more contemporary look.

For some even more feng shui options, consider imprinted bonsai plants or maybe a branded table top zen garden!

#25   Imprinted Pedometer

Encourage healthy lifestyles with an imprinted pedometer as a great stocking stuffer for the holidays.  It’s a great option for companies to encourage employees to add exercise for a healthy lifestyle.   Add functionality with a pedometer-radio combination or one of the newer pedometer-MP3 player combo.

There’s even a Data Tracker USB Pedometer that allows users to download their activity data to their computer to track their performance.  This would be a great gift item for fitness, health/medical and healthy eating organizations!

#26   Imprinted Manicure Set

Imprinted manicure sets don’t have to be dull and boring as is evident by the featured set pictured here.  As a gift, an eye catching manicure set mixes functionality with style in a universal gift with a personal edge.   Of course, there’s also the more traditional manicure sets that come in a zipper pouch.

Combine a great manicure set with a spa gift set, robe or bath towel set for an enhanced gift or complement with imprinted emery board and custom nail polish stocking stuffers for a themed gift item!

#27   Branded Coolers

Branded Coolers come in a wide range of sizes, styles and colors.  There are soft and hard sided coolers available in sizes ranging from lunch size to large event coolers.  Larger rolling coolers are always popular choices as well.  There’s even coolers that include integrated speakers with iPod/MP3 connections and some with radios built-in.

While most coolers are available with a silk screened imprint on the top or front, there are innovative options for custom wrap imprints.  These custom wrap imprinted coolers enable you to apply a full color imprint around all four sides of hard-sided coolers.  In most cases these wraps feature your custom design applied to a laminate which is then adhered to the cooler with heat and sealed to help ensure good adhesion that’s resistant to pealing and fading.  The wrap imprints are a great way to create a custom cooler at lower order quantities.

#28  Branded Umbrellas

For a functional gift, branded umbrellas can be a perfect option especially since winter tends to bring wetter weather to most areas.  From conservative black or plaid umbrellas to bright-colored and patterned options, there are choices for just about any style.  There are even umbrellas with contrasting colors inside the umbrella as well as unique patterns like the featured sky umbrella.  You can even have a map imprinted to your offices on the inside of an umbrella.  Umbrellas are available in a variety of sizes including compact, collapsible umbrellas.

Combine an umbrella with a matching tote to step the gift up a notch!

#29   Imprinted Wine Carriers

Wine Carriers are popular holiday gift options.  From imprinted wine boxes to logo wine totes, there are a variety of choices available.  There are also sling bag styled carriers that can be perfect for a picnic at the park or sunset on the beach.  At lower price points, consider imprinted neoprene totes which will also help keep those white wines cool longer.  Some, like the featured wine box incorporate wine openers, stoppers and other accessories for a multi-functional carrier.  There are a variety of one and two bottle carriers available as well as a more limited selection of three and four bottle carriers.

#30   Branded Eco-Friendly Gifts

With greater emphasis on the environment today than ever before, branded eco-friendly gifts like this bamboo covered jotter and pen can be a great choice.  There are literally thousands of choices available today in just about every product category imaginable.  From apparel like hats, scarves and sweaters made from bamboo or organic cotton to picture frames made from recycled material, there are a variety of environmentally conscious products available which can be imprinted with your logo or custom message.  In particular, products made from bamboo are widely popular promotional products.

When emphasizing environmentally responsible gifts, be sure to use equally eco-friendly packaging like recycled boxes and reusable gift totes!

#31  Embroidered Blankets

With the cooler (or colder, as the case may be) weather during the winter months, embroidered blankets are a great gift option.   Fleece throws, wool blankets, polyester stadium blankets, t-shirt material throws and even faux fur blankets are just some of the hundreds of options available.  Typically, branded blankets are embroidered with your logo or holiday message but other imprint techniques are also available like laser etching on a fleece blanket for a tone-on-tone effect.  There are even options for custom woven blankets and throws.

#32   Branded Tumbler Sets

Branded Tumbler Sets like this Hot Cocoa Set are increasingly popular promotional gift items.  These gift sets combine some of the hottest drinkware like these imprinted travel mugs with tasty cocoa, teas and other beverage mixes for a unique gift item that they’ll be using for years to come.

Of course, you can create your own sets by combining two to four imprinted tumblers with your favorite teas or drink mixes… or, better yet, include your recipients favorite drink mixes for a gift tailor-made to the recipient!

#33   Custom Wireless Presenters

These Custom Wireless Presenters can be a great gift option for those who deliver PowerPoint briefings or sales presentations as part of their jobs.  The wireless USB connects to a laptop or computer and communicates with a handheld device like this Cookie Styled Presenter to allow those giving presentations to maneuver through PowerPoint presentation without being tied to the personal computer.  In addition to the featured cookie style, presenters are available in a variety of forms like a television remote or even a pen.  Many even incorporate laser pointers to add to their functionality.

#34  Imprinted Personal Speakers

With the proliferation of personal music devices like iPods, MP3 players and even cellular phones today, many people use these devices as their primary source for audio entertainment.  As a result, imprinted personal speakers which connect to these devices can be a great business gift.   These personal speakers are often very compact and portable so that they can provide music at the park as well as at home or the office.  They’re also great for travelers to enjoy their tunes whether they’re in a hotel or on a cruise ship!

#35 Etched Salt & Pepper Mills

Logo Salt and Pepper Mills like the stylish featured product can be ideal gifts that recipients will daily when they cook up those gourmet dinners for the family… okay, even if they’re cooking up a frozen meal for the family or serving up some delivery!  With a subtle logo or holiday message and a gift box, these can make a great presentation that has universal appeal!

#36   Imprinted Digital Photo Frames

Logo Digital Photo Frames provide a premium gift option for companies to give those highly valued employees and clients.  Digital Photo Frames come in a variety of styles and sizes.  Generally, prices increase as the size of the frame increases.  Imprint options are typically pad imprinted or engraved.

It’s important to note that digital picture frames include varying amounts of digital memory.  Since memory is considered a commodity, prices can fluctuate daily.  As a result, many digital photo frames do not include prices on the website and it’s necessary to call for a quote on these items.  Even when prices are included, its always best to verify pricing on these items.

#37   Imprinted Decanters

Imprinted Decanters are a classic gift item which continues to be popular.  Whether they’re filled with water on a conference room table at the office or spirits on the home bar, these Decanters provide a timeless sense of style that their recipients will appreciate for years to come.  From high quality crystal sets to more economical glass sets, there are choices available at various price points and with both traditional and contemporary designs.  Add a bottle of quality spirits or bottled water for a personalized touch tailored to the recipients taste!

#38  Logo Computer Accessories

Logo Computer Accessories like this imprinted, light-up mouse can be a functional gift for employees and clients alike.  With choice like Imprinted USB Hubs and Custom calculator/Mouse Pad Combos in addition to custom mice, there are a variety of options to choose from.  Add these to a laptop bag for a great combination gift or given them individually as stocking stuffers.

Don’t forget about custom imprinted USB Flash Drives featured elsewhere on this list!

#39  Logo Kitchen Utensils

Leveraging the increasing popularity of imprinted household products as gifts, these Logo Kitchen utensils offer feature eco-friendly bamboo utensils in a contemporary style stainless canister with an laser engraved imprint.  There are also sets with bamboo canisters, silver finished utensils, and silicone utensils.  Sets are available with 3 to 15 different utensils and include brand names like Good Grips!

#40  Logo Coasters

Custom Logo Coaster are great holiday gift options.  From marble coasters like the featured product to eco-friendly cork coasters, there are options at a wide range of price points and styles.  Sets are available with custom holders as well.

Imprinting on coasters varies based on the material the coaster is made from but typically includes engraved or screen printed logos or custom messages.  There are higher end custom cast coasters available that result in your logo imbedded into the coaster.  The recessed logo can then be color filled for a vivid and lasting imprint.

#41   Imprinted Business Card Cases

Imprinted Business Card Cases are a traditional business gift.  While there are two basic styles of business card holders, cases designed for carrying in a pocket, brief case or purse and those designed to display cards on a desk or table.  Some portable cases can even be folded to function as a table top display as well.  From traditional etched silver business card cases and embossed leather cases to more contemporary multi-function cases like the feature one which incorporates a USB Flash Drive and Pen, there are an abundance of choices available of each type.  There is also a large selection of gift sets combining business card cases with matching pens, pencils and even key chains.

As a related alternative, imprinted business card organizers or folios can help recipients keep all the business cards that they receive organized.  There are a variety of leather and faux leather cases which include clear inserts that include 2, 3 or 4 business cards per page.

#42   Holiday and Custom Wine Stoppers

Wine Bottle Stoppers can be a great holiday gift whether they are stock styled Holiday Wine Stoppers or Custom Wine Stoppers imprinted with your logo or holiday message.  The featured holiday wine stoppers is one of our favorite for combining the functionality of a bottle stopper with the charm of a snow globe.  For a great custom gift, there is a wide variety of custom imprinted wine stoppers available.  These can feature laser engraved logos, full-color domed imprints, custom cast 3-Dimensional Designs as well as pad imprinted customizations.  Wine stoppers are available in metals, wood and crystal.

#43   Custom Imprinted Games

Custom Imprinted Games like Chess and Checker Sets are a holiday favorite gift that the recipients entire family can enjoy.  In addition to a selection of generic games, it’s also possible to add your logo on name brand board games including Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue and more.  Unfortunately, Branded Board Games featuring these name brands require a high minimum order quantity (e.g. 5000 or more).  However, they can still be viable options for large organizations and nationwide holiday promotions.

For lower quantity games, consider the more generic options like backgammon, dart boards, dominoes, chess, checkers and the like.  There are even choices for logo hand-held electronic games including Sudoku, Solitaire, Texas Hold ’em and Casino Games.

#44   Branded Yoga Mats

Branded Yoga Mats are another great gift option to promote healthy living.  There are several different yoga mat options available for customization in a variety of colors.  Like the featured product, many of the yoga mats include a handy carrying case for storage and portability.  Yoga Mats are typically imprinted on one end or the other via silk screen imprint and/or on the carrying case.

Combine branded yoga mats with a gift session to a yoga class for an even more impressive (and encouraging) gift!

#45   Holiday Gourmet Towers

Holiday Gourmet Towers are a mainstay for holiday gift giving.  These towers are available stocked with a wide range of treats like chocolate, cookies, brownies, muffins, chocolate pretzels, nuts, popcorn and much more.  Towers are available in varying sizes and styles including those featuring plush toys like the featured tower.

These holiday towers are great gift options for groups of people like your client’s office staff enabling multiple people to share in the gourmet goodies!  It’s a great way to recognize the contributions of the full team!

#46   Custom Corkscrews

Custom Corkscrews (a.k.a. Custom Wine Bottle Openers) are great holiday gifts with a variety of styles available at a wide range of price points.  Many like this featured custom corkscrew include a gift box for a great presentation.  Openers are typically imprinted with a laser etch or pad imprint.  There are also a variety of Wine Opener Sets available which combine openers with bottle stoppers and other wine accessories.

#47   Custom Cheese Sets

Custom Cheese Sets like this contemporary wide-styled silver set make a great holiday gift that recipients can use throughout the holiday season and when entertaining throughout the year.  These gift sets typically include a gift box which is imprinted with your logo or custom message, however, some sets do provide the option to imprint on the utensils themselves.

Combine a Custom Cheese Set with a great selection of cheeses and crackers for a great combination gift!

 #48  Imprinted Spa Gift Sets

Encourage a little self indulgence over the holidays with a imprinted spa gift set featuring items like a nail brush, exfoliating gauze sponge, loofah and pumice stone in an imprinted carrier.   In addition to the tools of the trade, there are options that include bath salts, body soaps, lotions, as well as aromatherapy products and candles.

Take it up a notch by adding a gift certificate for a facial or a get-away at a nearby spa!

#49   Imprinted Solar Charger

For a newer twist on holiday gifting, consider Logo Solar Chargers.   Considering the increasing reliance on personal electronics like the iPhone, iPod and iPad, the imprinted solar chargers are a great gift option to keep people connected even when they are on the go.  These charges use the power of the sun to run or recharge personal electronics.  There are several options to choose from with new products being introduced throughout the year.

#50 Imprinted BBQ Accessories

Whether it’s a multi-utensil Barbecue set in an imprinted gift box or a custom printed apron, Imprinted BBQ Accessories are popular holiday gift items thanks to their universal appeal and functionality.  After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good BBQ?  With newer products like the featured Barbecue Fork Thermometer that combines the functionality of a BBQ Fork with a Thermometer to help ensure meats are properly cooked, there are a wide range of products available.

#51   Imprinted Journals

Custom Journals and Logo Planners offer a great level of customization from imprinted logos on the covers to custom pages within the journal/planner.  In addition to the featured journal with its eye-catching embossed metal cover, there are more traditional leather covers, more economical faux leather covers as well as eco-friendly options available.

These journals can be designed as a general journal or journal as well as tailored to a specific need like a wine, fitness, mediation or prayer journal.  There is also a selection of stock purpose-specific journals including fitness, diet and wine journals.

#52   Imprinted Poker Sets

Imprinted Poker Sets have long been a popular holiday gift item and with the popularity of Texas Hold ’em, these sets are as popular as ever.  There is a large selection of poker sets available varying in size based on the number of chips, decks of cards and levels of customization.  Customization typically includes imprint on the carrying case.  There are higher priced options that include customized poker chips and/or card decks.

#53   Custom Flashlights

Lets face it, no one seems to ever have enough flashlights around…. especially when there’s a power outage!  From hand-held flashlights to lantern style lights there are literally thousands of Custom Flashlights available for imprint.  These include traditional flashlights as well as newer LED flashlights that can be both brighter and more energy-efficient than the traditional flashlights.  Options include the highly popular Mag-Lite brand.

#54  Custom Mini Digital Photo Displays

With today’s emphasis on portability, these Custom Mini Digital Photo Displays can be a great gift idea.  These handy little devices allow recipients to store their favorite pictures on a portable device to show friends and colleagues… without handing over their cell phones to people or using up all of the phones memory!  The feature Mini LED Display serves dual purpose as a compact mirror and digital picture display giving it’s kind of a James Bond styling.  There are also a variety of key-chain size digital photo displays and credit card size displays.

#55   Debossed Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are increasingly popular for both work and personal use which makes Debossed Messenger Bags a popular gift idea.  With leather, faux leather and synthetic options available, these bags give the recipients a convenient and portable means to carry those personal electronic devices, business papers and files as well as business cards, pens and much more.

#56  Imprinted Desk Clocks

Like wall clocks, Imprinted Desk Clocks can make a great branded gift.  Whether you choose a traditional style desk clock or something highly innovative like the featured hourglass shaped clock by MoMa, recipients will be seeing your logo on the clocks every time they check the time.   Desk tops are typically imprinted on the frame or casing as opposed to the face of the clock.  There are literally thousands of options from traditional analog style clocks to digital clocks in all shapes, sizes and colors.

#57   Imprinted Tool Kits

Imprinted Tool Kits are handy gift items for the home, office and car.  Tool sets vary in the number and type of tools included with some being tailored to specific needs such as sets with smaller tool to support Information Technology needs and larger sets for more traditional home and automotive uses.  There are even standard tool box sets available as well as imprinted tool belts equipped with basic tools.  These kits are typically imprinted on the case, box or belt as opposed to the individual tools themselves.

#58   Custom Coffee Accessories

Custom Coffee Accessories from Imprinted Stainless Steel Coffee Pots to Custom Coffee Ground Vaults expand on the popularity of imprinted coffee cups as a unique alternative business gift.  Whether the recipients uses it in the office break room or at home, these accessories provide ongoing functionality while proudly displaying your logo or custom message.

There are also a variety of Custom Coffee Gift Sets that combine gourmet coffee with various accessories which would make a corporate gift.

#59   Custom MP3 Players

With popularity of digital music, a Custom MP3 Player could be the perfect gift for gift recipients of all ages.  There are a wide range of choices available from the more traditional handheld players of varying size to innovative options like a credit card size MP3 player featuring a full-color custom imprint on the face.  There are even choices specifically tailored to those on the go like the featured slap band player.  Choose devices with an appropriate amount of memory for your recipients music catalogs.   As with any device containing digital memory, prices can fluctuate daily so it’s always recommended to call for current pricing.

#60  Imprinted Pet Accessories

As any pet lover will tell you, owners view pets as part of their family and spend a good deal on making that 4-legged (or finned) family member comfortable and happy!  As such, Imprinted Pet Accessories can be a great alternative gift item.  From imprinted pet leashes and imprinted pet collars to logo pet water containers, including collapsible water bowls and even stainless steel water bottles designed for pets, the choices continue to grow.  As with the featured Imprinted Fish Hotel, the options aren’t limited to accessories for dogs and cats!

#61   Imprinted Pen Sets

Always a popular business gift, Imprinted Pen Gift Sets are available in a wide range of price points, styles and features.  From name brands like Cross and Waterman to high quality promotional brands like Bettoni, there are many gift quality pens to choose from.  Some, like Bettoni, even offer a lifetime supply of ink refills for just the price of shipping and handling.  Imprints on pens are typically laser engraved with your logo.  In some cases, there is also the option to imprint the recipient’s name for a more personalized gift.  In addition to traditional gift boxes, there are a variety of alternative packages from intriguing triangular boxes to pen tubes many of which can also be imprinted with your logo or custom message.

#62   Imprinted Bottle Openers

Logo Bottle Openers can be a great stocking stuffer.  With thousands of choices, there is bound to be one that will meet your needs.  In addition to novelty openers of varying shapes and sizes, Paddle Bottle Openers (e.g. Bartener Bottle Openers, Professional Bottle Openers, etc.) are increasingly popular choice in etched natural or colored stainless steel as well as vinyl wrapped stainless.

There are also a wide range of multi-purpose bottle openers available like the featured LED Flashlight Bottle Opener Combination.  There are can coolers that include openers on the bottom and even flip-flops with openers on the bottom.

#63  Wine Gift Sets

There are a variety of great Wine Gift Sets available like this featured set which includes a corkscrew, thermometer, pourer, 2 stoppers, foil cutter, and drip catcher in a hinged black wooden box.  Prices of gift sets will vary based on the number of accessories included, the style, gift box, etc.  Imprints are typically on the gift box rather than the individual accessories.

Step this gift up a notch with a great bottle of wine in a wine tote or box.

#64  Imprinted Gourmet Salts

Here’s a unique branded gift idea… Imprinted Gourmet Salts.  There are several collections to choose from like this Chili Head Collection includes 11 of the best
tasting, hard-to-find salts in the world. These multi-pack samplers of salts are a great way to spice up your next meal, and are convenient to use and store. The
collections are presented in affordable, portable, and decorative packages, perfect for kitchen countertops. They even comes with reference cards with detailed descriptions and suggestions on which salts go with which dishes, making it easy to create the perfect combination of flavors.  This set includes:  Hot Ghost Pepper Sea Salt (HOT!), Hot Habanero Pepper Sea Salt, Jalapeno Pepper Sea Salt, Asian Szechuan Pepper Sea Salt, Halen Môn – Spicy British Curry Sea Salt – Isle of Anglesey – Wales  UK, Chili Pepper Cyprus Flake Finishing Sea Salt – Island of Cyprus, Smoked Chipotle Sea Salt – Flavored Sea Salt – USA, Washington Applewood Smoked Sea Salt, Smoked Serrano Chili Sea Salt, Wild Garlic Cyprus Flake Finishing Sea Salt – Island of Cyprus, Rosemary Cyprus Flake Sea Salt Island of Cyprus.   These are include custom engraving on the base.

#65   Branded Gift Sets

There are a variety of branded gift sets available including some unique combinations like this imprinted travel cup and watch combination.  Let your recipients open up their gift package to reveal the functional cup and the see their surprise when they open the lid to find a watch inside!  There’s also a black cup and black watch version of this set.  There’s a wide range of other gift sets available including unique combinations as well as more traditional complimentary combinations.  Of course, you can always create your own combination by pairing individual imprinted products in a shared package.

#66   Branded Styluses (or Styli)

From iPhones to iPads and all the comparable phones and tablets, keyboards have given way to touch screens.  As cool as touch screens are, the smaller keyboards on touch screens can be a challenge for many… and then there’s the frustration of continually cleaning the screens on these touch devices.  Help address those challenges with Branded Styluses for a business gift.  Like pens, these styluses are engraved or imprinted with your logo or custom message.  The soft pointer makes it easy to maneuver through a touch screen while keeping it free of finger prints.  There are more and more styluses being added to the catalog all the time including name brands like Kensington.  There are even mini-styluses like the one featured which can be attached to phones and tablets with a small leash that inserts into the earphone port to keep the stylus handy.  While not all styluses come in a gift box, most pen boxes and tubes can accommodate the styluses.

 #67  Engraved Steak Knife Sets

Engraved Steak Knife Sets can be a functional gift option for just about anyone.  There are a variety of steak knife sets available in varying quantities, sizes and styles.   Handles are typically made from wood, metal or plastic.  Some sets are available with a counter top block holder which can be imprinted.   Most steak knives are laser engraved on the handles with your logo or custom message.

For a more premium option, consider complete branded cutlery sets, including sets in a counter top block.  There are sets that include a variety of quality sets available with as many as 26 or more pieces.

#68   Branded Weather Stations

With all the tornadoes, hurricanes and other inclement weather that we experienced in the US this past year, Branded Weather Stations can be a timely and, potentially, life-saving gift option for 2011!  There are a few weather stations available which can be imprinted with your logo or custom message.  While functions and features can vary, most weather stations not only report current conditions (temperature, etc.) but are also capable of reporting weather alerts as they occur to warn their owners of hazardous weather conditions.  They’re a great way to let your employees and clients know that you care about their safety and well-being!

#69   Imprinted Photo Albums

Even with the popularity of digital photos, there are always going to be some pictures that people will want to have printed out and accessible from the coffee table or bookshelves.  That makes Custom Photo Albums a timeless gift option.  There are many choices available like the featured album which includes a rich rosewood cover that can be engraved with your logo or custom message.  Whether you’re looking for debossed leather albums, engraved brushed silver albums or more economical leatherette, these can make a great holiday gift that will be around for years to come.

Consider adding a picture of the recipients from a holiday party or event for a personal touch!

#70   Branded Binoculars

Branded Binoculars aren’t just for bird watchers.  They’re great for a variety of purposes from sporting events to the opera.  There is an array of styles available from very compact binoculars to stainless models.  There are even night-vision monoculars available.  Most include a protective case or pouch while some also include a gift box.

#71   Branded Retro Toys

Retro styled toys have been making a come back over the last couple of years as evident in the case of Rubik’s cubes resurgence in popularity.  These retro toys not only may be fun for today’s youngsters but can be a great reminder for adults of those simpler times.   For example, take your recipients back a few more decades to the days of playing marbles with a Branded Glass Marble Set.  There are a variety of other retro choices like Branded Coil Toys & Slinky’s, Custom Puzzle, Custom Toy Cars and Imprinted Putty.  In some cases, there are even updated version such as plastic coils similar to the original metal Slinky.

Note:  Choose products carefully. Remember that glass marbles, small toys and toys with small pieces are not suitable for small children and can create a choking hazard.

#72   Custom Scarves

Custom Imprinted Scarves can be a unique gift item for the holidays.  There are a variety of scarves available with a custom imprint from custom printed silk scarves, embroidered knit scarves or even custom woven scarves (in larger quantities).  Whether you come up with an innovative design with a subtle logo or do an overall logo imprint on the scarves, the choice is yours.

For men, consider custom imprinted ties!

#73   Branded Coffee Grinders

Branded Coffee Grinders can make a perfect gift for recipients to use at home or the office.  There are several options available including some name brands like this Hamilton Beach Grinder that can be imprinted with your logo or custom message.  This can be a great gift item for a group of employees to use in the company break room as well as for individual gifts.

Add a pound of gourmet coffee beans or a set of imprinted coffee cups for a custom gift collection!

#74   Branded Snack Tins

Another mainstay for holiday gift giving are Imprinted Snack Tins filled with one or a combination of popular snacks like chocolate dipped pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, and much more.  There is a large selection of snacks and tin sizes to choose from.

These are great gift items for a group of employees or for the recipients entire family to enjoy.  With your imprint on the tins, the recipients will know who to thank with every handful!

 #75  Logo Vases

Logo Vases are a thoughtful gift choice.  There are a variety of options from a simple glass vase like the one featured to elaborate art glass vases.  Most vases can be etched, screened or pad imprinted with your logo or holiday message.  Create a great holiday design with a subtle logo for a timeless gift that will be used year after year.

Consider filling the vase with a bouquet of the recipients favorite flowers for an added personal touch or fill it with holiday candy instead!

#76  Imprinted USB Flash Drives

Imprinted USB Flash Drives are handy tools at the office and at home.   Many USB Flash Drives can be pre-loaded with pictures, data and documents making them a great way to distribute volumes of information in an eco-friendly manner.  They’re also a great way to give travelers information without the bulk to add to luggage.  There are hundreds of styles available like these Santa USB Drives which would be perfect for the holidays.  The amount of memory can typically be specified in ranges from under 1 GB to 12 or more GB.  As with all digital memory, prices can fluctuate daily so call for the most current pricing.

These Santa USB Drives would be a great way to distribute photos from company holiday party to the guests!

#77   Logo iPad Cases

Logo iPad Cases are relatively new promotional products and are among the hottest items available.  Be sure to consider the specific model of the table since debossed and imprinted iPad Cases for the original iPad as well as Custom iPad2 Case are available.  The selection of cases has increased substantially over the last few months and includes leather and faux leather options which can be debossed or printed.  Typically, debossing is used for leather goods since the natural textured surface is not suitable for screen and pad imprinting while faux leather and vinyl options can generally be debossed or printed.  There is even a full-color imprint option now available.   Many of these cases fold to serve as a stand for the iPad as well as a protective case.  Based on the high level of popularity of these cases, they would be outstanding business gifts for the holidays.

In addition to these cases, there are additional options emerging including Logo iPad and iPad 2 Smart Covers, Silicone iPad and iPad 2 Covers and harder TPU covers that can accommodate a full-color imprint.  Based on the popularity of these products, its strongly suggested to order early to ensure availability.

#78   Imprinted Money Clips

Imprinted Money Clips are a classic holiday gift options for men.  There are hundreds of options to choose from including leather, stainless and silver money clips with imprinted, etched and domed imprints.

The featured leather money clip includes a dimensional applique logo imprint for a unique and classic look.  Many money clips are available with gift boxes.  Add a gift card or gift certificate for an extra special holiday gift option!

#79   Debossed Leather Totes

For the ladies on the your gift list, consider a debossed leather totes with a subtle logo imprint.  There are several styles, colors and sizes available.  There are also faux leather totes as budget friendly options.

Add a matching wallet, cosmetic bag… or gift card for that extra special gift!

#80   Etched Serving Bowls

For a unique alternative gift, consider etched serving bowls like the stunning featured high quality crystal desert dish.   There are several options available from high quality crystal bowls to more economical glass dishes.  Add an etched imprint with your logo or custom message for a one-of-a-kind gift.

Fill the dish with custom imprinted candies, wrapped chocolates or mints to satisfy the recipients sweet tooth right out of the box!

#81   Imprinted Coffee Sets

Imprinted Coffee Sets like this sling tote with an insulated stainless steel thermos and two coffee cups make a great gift option for the coffee enthusiast.  There are a variety of thermos sets, coffee server sets and coffee cup sets that are available.  Of course, you can always create your own custom set by combining an embroidered tote, imprinted server or thermos and logo coffee cups.

Add the coffee and biscotti for a ready-to-go picnic snack!

#83   Imprinted Stadium Seats

Imprinted Stadium Seats are perfect gift options for outdoor and sports enthusiasts.  These seats not only help make those college and high school stadium bleachers more comfortable but they also can be great for the park and beach.  They are particularly popular for families with sports-minded children giving parents a comfortable seat while cheering their kids teams on to victory (hopefully, anyway).

#84  Etched Bottles of Wine

Branded Bottles of Wine are a one-of-a-kind gift option that will be sure to impress. These custom imprinted bottles of wine can feature etched, color filled, screened or custom labels featuring your logo or custom holiday message.

Custom etched and imprinted bottles are a variety of both red and white wines available as well as champagne.  Add a set of etched wine glasses or an engraved silver wine chiller for an even more stand-out gift option.

#85   Embroidered Hoodies

Embroidered Hoodies (i.e. Hooded Sweatshirts) featuring your logo, custom message or custom design can be a perfect cold weather gift option to help keep your gift recipients warm!  There are a wide range of choices available including the featured hoodie with contrasting lining, drawstring and trim that creates a stand-out, retail look.

Hoodies are available in a wide range fo colors, styles, weights and sizes.  It’s good to keep in mind that pricing for 2XL and larger is typically slightly more.  Imprints can be embroidered, appliques or screen imprinted.

#86   Imprinted Golf Accessories

For golf enthusiasts, consider Imprinted Golf Accessories.  There are a wide range of imprinted golf products available like the Custom Divot Tools pictured here.  Divot tools are available in a wide range of imprints including screen printed, etched, custom cast, pad imprinted and epoxy domes.  In addition to divot tools, consider embroidered golf towels, imprinted golf umbrellas, custom golf ball markers, printed golf bag tags, embroidered golf shirts and custom golf caps.

Golf accessories make great stocking stuffers individually or combine multiple accessories into an imprinted golf accessories pouch or embroidered duffel bag for a premium gift option.

#87   Etched Martini Shakers & Sets

This brilliant chrome Etched Martini Shaker is just one of the several martini set options available for customization.  From individual shakers that feature sculptured shapes by noted designers to complete sets with jiggers, strainers, stirrers and/or glasses; there are choices for various styles and price points.

As an alternative to the more traditional Martini Sets, consider Etched Margarita Sets featuring Margarita glasses and pitchers.

#88   Embroidered Robes

Custom Embroidered Robes featuring your logo or custom message can make a great spa styled gift.  There are several robe options available including 100% Cotton, Poly/Cotton Blend, Turkish Cotton and other material options in terry, waffle and velour styles and various colors.

Add a set of color coordinated spa towels for a complete spa set!

#89   Custom Wine Charms

Custom Wine Charms are great holiday gift options.   Custom wine charms can be imprinted, etched, epoxy dome or custom cast.  Imprinted, etched and domed charms typically have the faster production times and lower costs, particularly at lower order quantities.

Custom Cast charms put your logo or custom message in a three-dimensional charm that really stands out.   These charms are typically made from pewter but may be plated in silver, gold or bronze and may include color fill areas for a multi-color design.  Because of the need to create a custom mold, custom cast charm have a higher set up cost and longer lead time (about 4 weeks) than the other options.

Custom wine charms are a great giveaway for the company holiday party.  Serve wine in glasses with the custom charms attached which guests can take home with them.  These charms then become not only a gift but a memento from the holiday event.

#90   Imprinted MP3 Arm Bands

These Imprinted MP3 Arm Bands are great options for the fitness and outdoor enthusiast.  These bands include velcro straps that allow users to wrap the band around their arms and a pouch to carry their iPod, MP3 Player or Cell Phone so that they can listen to music while walking, jogging, biking or exercising.  They can be a great healthy living gift option.

Take it up a notch with a custom imprinted MP3 player… or maybe just custom music download gift cards that can be redeemed for one or more music selections.

#91  Custom Charm Bracelets

Custom Charm Bracelets can be a fun gift option.  Combine stock charms with a custom charm featuring your logo or custom design for a great gift option.  These Charm Bracelets have the added benefit of giving you the option of adding custom charms for the recipient’s collection in the future.  Present these bracelets in a classic jewelry box or attached to a plush stuffed toy.

Custom Charms can also be a great way to recognize donors with different color or style charms based on the level of contributions made.

#92   Imprinted Sunglasses

Logo Sunglasses aren’t just for summer… the sun can be blinding reflecting off of the snow and ice.  Custom imprinted sunglasses typically feature your logo on the temple area of one or the other arm of the sunglasses.  There is a large selection of sunglasses available from classic wayfarer style to metal rimmed.

Present them in a custom imprinted sunglass case and add a logo imprinted eyeglass cleaner!

#93   Custom Playing Cards

Custom Playing Cards can be a great holiday gift especially since they are fun product that the entire family can enjoy.  There are a variety of custom card options available.  In addition to custom imprinted card backs, each individual face can be customized.  You can add individual pictures, designs or messages to the face of each card.  That means that you could even add a picture of your company’s products or even your employees to the face of each card.  You can even get an optional custom imprinted box for each deck.

#94   Art Glass Bowls and Sculptures

For a higher end gift option, consider some of the amazing art glass bowls and art glass sculptures available.  The uniquely designed products combine creative designs with vivid colors to create a functional work of art that recipients will not only keep but display for years to come.

For organizations that issue year-end awards, consider art glass awards and sculptures or even art glass bowls for an unusual stunning award option that will be sure to make an impression!

#95  Custom Purse Hooks

Custom Purse Hooks are great stocking stuffers for women.  These retractable hooks feature your imprinted logo on top.  The logo section can be placed along the edge of a table or desk with the hook hanging over the edge allowing a purse to be hung from the hook.  This helps keep those expensive hand bags off of wet or dirty floors!

Add a purse hook to a custom handbag or tote gift for a complimentary stocking stuffer!

#96   Embroidered Sweaters

For a traditional gift option, consider embroidered sweaters featuring a subtle logo for a higher-end retail look.  Create this subtle imprint by limiting the size of the imprint and utilizing tone-on-tone thread colors coordinated with the color of the sweater.  Present in a quality gift box wrapped in custom imprinted tissue and sealed with a gold embossed decal to complete the high-end branded gift presentation.

#97   Custom Gumball Machines

For an out-of-the-box gift option that leverages today’s retro trends, considering giving clients a Custom Gumball Machine stocked with Custom imprinted Gumballs featuring your logo!  These nostalgic gumball machines can be a great addition to the employee break room!  It’s definitely a gift that will be remembered!

Of course, there are a variety of other candy options available like Sprees and m&m’s!


#98   Embroidered Sleeve Blankets

Embroidered Sleeve Blankets including the name brand Snuggy blankets were widely popular gifts last year and can be expected to be in high demand once again this year.  These cozy blankets are a great way to stay warm while lounging with a good book or watching television since your arms have freedom of movement through the blanket’s sleeves.  There are a variety of color options available.

As with most blankets, imprints are typically embroidered along one edge or corner.  In some cases, custom printed or embroidered tags are used to customize the sleeve blankets.

#99   Imprinted Lunch Totes

These featured Imprinted Neoprene Lunch Totes are increasingly popular.  The stretch neoprene helps to keep the contents cool while the handle makes carrying them a breeze.  The bright colors and innovative designed totes are popular with the ladies while solid colors are more popular with the guys.

Of course, in addition to the neoprene lunch totes, there are a variety of other imprinted lunch totes and logo lunch boxes available… even imprinted classic metal lunch boxes!

#100  Custom Calendars

With the new year right around the corner, Custom Calendars can be a timely holiday gift idea.  There are a wide range of custom calendars available from table top calendars and desk pad calendars to larger wall calendars.  In addition to a wide range of stock calendars that can be customized with your logo and custom message, there are also fully customizable calendars that can feature your own pictures or graphics for each month as well as the cover.

The featured Personalized Photo Logo Calendars are particularly unique since each photo incorporates your recipient’s name in the picture in addition to displaying your logo on the calendar page.   Recipients names are subtly created in the clouds within a photo, in lily pads floating on a pond or in place of a automobile’s model badge.  These calendars will definitely capture your recipients attention throughout the year!

#101   Etched Perfume Atomizer

For a uniquely different gift idea, consider an Etched Perfume Atomizer.  Recipients can add their favorite cologne into the atomizer to have a handy, portable means of refreshing their favorite scents whether they’re out for the evening, heading to a business lunch or traveling.

Add a bottle of their favorite perfume for an even more personalized gift option!