Hottest New Promotional Products for 2012

As times change, people’s interests continue to change.  It wasn’t that long ago when the iPad wasn’t even imagined and now it’s one of the hottest selling personal electronics products around.  To keep up with new trends and consumer interest, the promotional products industry introduces thousands of new products every year.  While many of these products are variations of existing products with the addition of new colors, new styles and new functionality, there are also many new products that are designed to meet the emerging demands of consumers.   Only a few years ago, the industry introduced those colorful acrylic tumblers with the matching straws and lids that are massively popular today (and, one of our favorites!).  This blog entry shares with you some of our picks for the hottest new promotional products for 2012… those new emerging products that we anticipate will be the next break-out hit as well as those updated versions of already popular products that will prove to stand-out among similar products.

For more information, most of these products will be included on the Featured Products page of BNoticed’s website at through March 2012 or just call us at 877.300.5005.

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Custom Printed Earbuds

We’re convinced that Custom Earbuds are going to be hugely popular!   Until now, imprinting on ear buds was limited to a logo printed on the ear bud case or in some cases a retractor that holds the cord.  To imprint directly on the earbud itself, the buds had to be custom manufactured overseas… typically in quantities of 5000 pieces or more.  Beginning in 2012, however, there are options for custom earbuds imprinted directly on the bud in as few as 50 pieces.

With the popularity of iPod and MP3 players as well as music and video on iPads and Tablets… and even on cell phones, custom earbuds can be an item that just about anyone can use… even if they already have one, it’s great to have a spare!   And, since they’ll be used, it makes them an ideal promotional product.  Even more, they’re perfect for universities, colleges, schools, fraternities/sororities, teams and clubs as a way of allowing members to show their affiliation… just like logo t-shirts and caps.

Custom Fashion Sunglasses

You’ve probably custom neon sunglasses made from a rubber/plastic material that have really taken off in popularity the last couple years.  Building on their popularity, there are a variety of new Custom Fashion Sunglasses in 2012.  One that we are most excited about allows you to imprint your design over the full lenses of the sunglasses… and still be able to see out!  Until 2012, these were only available as custom overseas orders in very large quantities.  However, there is one factory making them available in as few as 10.  Of course, the price goes down substantially in larger quantities.  These are great as the proverbial “party sunglasses” as well as to show support as sporting events, fundraising walks, and much more.

In addition, there are new fashion sunglass options including custom glitter sunglasses, printed glow in the dark glasses and even custom tie-dye styled sunglasses.  As with the popular neon sunglasses, most of these new entries provide for your logo to be imprinted on the arm of the sunglasses.  Typically, imprinting on one arm is included in the base price of the sunglasses but there is an option to imprint on both sides for an additional cost.

Custom Filtered Sports Bottles

Custom Sports Bottles, like Logo Plastic Sports Bottles, Printed Aluminum Sports Bottles  and Custom Stainless Steel Sports bottles are consistently popular promotional products.  In 2012, the new addition is the Custom Filtered Sports Bottles like the featured Omega Sports Bottle.  The Omega, available beginning in April 2012, is made using the latest Tritan plastic which is a BPA-free hard plastic that came out within the last couple years.  There are a several other filtered sports bottles available now… and we’re anticipating seeing more introduced throughout the year.

These bottles feature an imbedded, replaceable filter.   So, users can just fill the bottle with water and let the filter do it’s thing instead of investing in higher priced bottled water.  By eliminating the need to purchase bottled water, these filtered sports bottles are an especially eco-friendly option for the environmentally conscious users.   In many cases, replacement filters can be purchases on-line for about $6 each.

The Omega in particular offers a stunningly stylish design with it’s clear double-wall accented with boldly colored straws. The filters sit within the straw at the top.  At the bottom, the straw rests in a cupped base of the internal wall to enable users to get ever drop without tilting the cup back and forth!  The Omega is produced by one of the premier promotional drinkware manufacturers that offers some of the most innovative imprinting capabilities in the industry… including wrap imprints that cover nearly the entire circumference of the bottles.  These large imprint areas offer endless possibilities for design customization.

Custom iPad Cases and Tablet Cases

Last year saw the introduction of several Custom iPad and iPad 2 Cases that can be imprinted with a logo.  Based on the significant popularity of these cases, there are many new cases being introduced this year.  While Custom iPad 2 Cases continue to be the most widely available products, there are increasingly options for other tablets including Custom Kindle® Fire® Cases®, Custom Xoom® Cases®, Custom Playbook® Cases and Custom Gallaxy Tablet® Cases.   One of our favorites for 2012 that falls into the Premium Executive Gift category is the featured Cutter & Buck iPad2 Case featured here with its gorgeous leather face that opens to 3 viewing angles and protects iPad screen with a micro suede interior lining.  This is one iPad Case that even a CEO will treasure!

The Pedova eTech Journal is another favorite that is sure to be a big hit based on its quality, good looks and great versatility.  What makes this case unique is that it can accommodate a wide range of tablets from the larger iPads to smaller Blackberry Playbooks thanks to movable corner restraints that are attached to the case using velcor.  Another great feature of this case is that it includes a refillable paper journal.  This is one of the first tablet cases that integrates a journal with the tablet… something that we repeatedly were asked for last year!  While some may find the combination of a paperless tablet and paper journal perplexing, the reality is that most people don’t abandon paper entirely just because they’ve embraced tablets.  It’s still far faster and easier to jot down a quick phone number when you run into someone in the hallway than it is to fire up the tablet, go to the right app and enter the info on a touch keyboard.  This tablet responds to just that need… and for a wide range of tablet users… and in an attractive manner too!

Suction Cup Cell Phone Stands

These new Custom Suction Cup Phone Stands  are a great  cell phone accessory that will also work with iPods, MP3 players and more.  Just stick the silicone suction cup onto the smooth surface on the back of the cell phone or other device and it functions as a stand.   You can use it to hold your device in portrait or landscape orientation.  It’s compact size also makes it very portable so it’s something that you can carry around with you easily as well.  Until this year, these were only available in large quantities 1000 or more from overseas factories, however, they’re just starting to become available in as few as 100 pieces, however, initially color selection is more limited in the lower quantities but we anticipate that additional colors will be added throughout the year.  As a giveaway item, these are great for trade shows or even mailers since people’s initial reaction is “what the heck is that for”… and then are intrigued to find out that it’s a cell phone stand and want to give it a try.  Too, you can suction them to a variety of smooth surfaces to get a trade show booth noticed!

Another variation of these are the multi-function rubber Prop & Wind buddy which can also be suctioned on to the back of phones, MP3’s and more to serve as a stand.  In addition, users can wind their earbud cords (or charger cords, etc.) around the stand to keep them handy and free of tangles.  These also offer a slightly larger imprint area for logos or messages.  This makes for a very handy, useful and eye-catching promotional product that recipients are sure to not only keep but use!

Custom Moving Alarm Clock

Here’s a really unique new Custom Moving Alarm Clock, called Tocky®,  that will definitely BNoticed by recipients.  This innovative alarm clock will jump from your nightstand and roll away to get you out of bed. It’s outfitted with a microphone so that you can record your own sounds. It can also upload MP3s. Listen to your favorite tracks as they roll around your room! It’s is a breeze to use with his touch sensitive interface. Just spin your finger around the dial to change the time or the track.  It can be imprinted on the top/back side.  This isn’t an inexpensive gift at $60+ per piece and a minimum order quantity of 24 pieces, but it is definitely a unique and innovative item that will get attention!

Patent pending. 3 AAA batteries required.  This new alarm clock isn’t available on our website yet but if you’d like more information, just call us at 877.300.5005.

Custom Full-Color Printed Coolers

Custom Coolers are always popular promotional items for schools, teams, company picnics, employee gifts and much more.  These featured custom igloo® coolers with full-color digital wraps have become extremely popular both for their cost-effective full-color imprint as well as for the quality of an igloo® product.  The full-color wrap is actually a type of laminate that is applied with heat to adhere the imprint to the cooler.  Beginning in 2012, the supplier of these custom igloo coolers is offering a full-color imprinted lid on the 12-can, 24-can and 48-can hard sided coolers like those pictured.   One of the great things about these coolers is that they are available in lower order quantities.  In fact, it’s possible to even buy just one of many of these full-color custom wrapped coolers.  Of course, in quantities of 12 or more the set-up costs can be spread across more coolers.

Note that there are a variety of other coolers and jugs available with wrap and heat transfer imprints available as well.

Custom Purse Hangers

Custom Purse Hanger, or handbag hangers, have taken off in popularity the last couple years.  These purse hangers allow a purse to be hung from the edge of a table or desk to keep them off of dirty floors and easily accessible.

There are two innovative versions that are new for 2012.  The Custom Photo Vision Purse Hangers and the Custom Swivel Heart Shaped Purse Hangers are higher-end purse hangar that are distinguished now only for their unique design but also for their quality construction and durability.  When the folding purse hanger isn’t being used to hang a purse from the edge of a table, it can clip to the side of a purse to hold keys so that they’re readily accessible and don’t get lost in the bottom of the purse.  Both hangers are customized with a full-color epoxy dome imprint that delivers a quality level of customization.

Custom Acrylic Tumblers

Custom Acrylic Tumblers were introduced a couple years ago but took off in the last year or so.  The Custom Torino Acrylic Tumbler is the latest innovation on these mega hit products.  The Torino delivers a unique taller, thinner and sleeker style of the same durable acrylic tumbler with matching straw and lid.  These would be perfect for a patio restaurant or bar as well as for use around the house or office.  The manufacturer of these tumblers is among the premier drinkware manufacturers in the industry offer innovative, high quality imprints including a wrap imprint offering unparalleled design options.  The tumblers are available in a variety of colors.

These Custom Freezable Tumblers are another new twist on these hot tumblers.  These offer a freezable substance in between the double walls of the tumbler to help keep cold drinks cold longer.   These are available with blue, clear, green and red freezeable materials

Custom Shoelaces

Previously, Custom Printed Shoelaces were only available in very large quantities (1000’s of pairs) from overseas manufacturers.  Now, custom shoelaces are available in as few as 250 pairs and at a reasonable price of about $2 each.  The dye sublimated imprints are a prefect way to customize shoelaces with a university, school, team, fraternity/sorority or business logo… or to create a custom message for a fun event or worthy fundraising effort.  These would be a prefect item for awareness walks like Breast Cancer, MS and much more!

Custom Printed Shaving Cream

Here’s a brand new item to the industry… Custom Printed Shaving Cream.  At this point, the minimum order quantity is still rather high at 1000 pieces, however, it is a very unique item that can be specifically targeted to men or women (there’s men and women’s shaving cream versions available).  Whether it’s for shaving a beard or legs, a full-color imprint can be a very innovative way to capture attention and get customers to take notice!   This item isn’t yet available on our website so if you’d like more information, just call us at 877.300.5005.

 Custom Acoustic iPhone Amplifier/Stands

If you want to amplify the music coming out of your iPhone without electric or batteries, these Custom Acoustic iPhone Amplifier will do the trick.  The innovative shape and structure of these acoustic speakers amplify and project the sound from your iPhone to make it noticeably louder without the aid of electric or batteries.  That helps to make these a go-anywhere and eco-friendly promotional product.

There are two new Custom Acoustic iPhone Speakers to choose from in 2012.   The silicone Custom iPhone Horns are a relatively inexpensive acoustic amplifier that can be imprinted with your logo.  These iPhone Horns  slip over the end of the speaker end of the iPhone to amplify the music through the horn.  The horn also serves as a stand for the iPhone, holding it in either the landscape or portrait orientation.  For a higher-end option, the Custom Griffin Acoustic iPhone Speaker is also available with your imprinted logo.  This name-brand product is made of acrylic and features a fold-out stand to position the iPhone in a landscape orientation for viewing videos, movies, television programs and more.

Custom Cooler Duffel

When it comes to Custom Coolers, there are a lot of soft-sided coolers available from lunch sizes to larger chest sizes.  These soft-sided coolers are popular since they are often lighter, can be easier to store and less expensive to ship.  Of course, many of these coolers tend to be similarly styled boxes featuring zipper tops with the colors and imprint areas typically being the distinguishing factors between them.

For 2012, the new Custom Cooler Duffel breaks the mold with a unique design that makes it look more like a stylish duffel bag than a boxy cooler.   It features an easy-clean, leak-proof lining and holds up-to 36 cans.  It features an adjustable, removable shoulder strap with a shoulder pad as well as carrying handles as well as a front pocket.

Custom Travel Pillow

When it comes to Custom Travel Pillows, this Custom Clip & Go Travel Pillow is a very cool new product for 2012.  It’s a very compact pillow that features a convenient clip & go strap to make it easy to snap  onto your carry-on bag so that you don’t have to hunt for it when you need it.  The shape provides for comfortable neck support.   It includes a removable and washable luxurious velvet cover and large imprint area for a one color imprint.  It would be a great gift idea for the travel industry.   It has a low minimum order quantity of only 10 pieces.

Custom Cell Phone Stand/Holder

Custom Cell Phone Stands have been around for a while now and remain popular promotional items with the continuing demand for cell phones.  This new  Coloma Cell Phone Stand is an eye-catching stand that cradles the cell phone in a plastic cylindrical bed at a comfortable viewing angle.  It’s available in black, white and blue.  It includes your logo imprinted prominently on the front.  It’s a handy item at the office and home.

Custom Tablet Lighted Stand

With the popularity of iPads and Tablets,  more and more Custom iPad Stands and Custom Tablet Stands are becoming available.  This Logo Light Tablet Stand not only holds your tablet but also features a your logo in a lighted display on the front of the holder.  A support arm swivles out in the back to add support along with the rubber feet on the stand.  The swivel arm stows an included touch-screen styles for easy access.  This is a very unique, innovative and functional stand that will make quite an impression!  It’s available with green, orange, blue and grey interior accent colors.

Custom Printed Full-Color Stainless Steel Bottles

As mentioned earlier, custom sports bottles including custom stainless steel bottles, logo aluminum sports bottles and custom plastic sports bottles are popular promotional products because they earn a high rate of use/reuses by their recipients.  2012 brings the introduction of full-color imprint capabilities on select sports bottles like these Custom H2Go Stainless Steel Sports Bottles featuring a new D4 Direct Full-Color Imprint that offers stunning possibilities.  The ink on these bottles is literally raised from the surface on the bottles for an almost 3-dimensional look that really catches the eye.  These bottles can accommodate a wrap imprint that provides for even greater design options.  The D4 Direct Full-Color Imprint adds about $4 per bottle to the base price of the bottles.

Custom Multi-Slide Projector Pen

This is a very innovative new product for 2012.  While there are a few other Logo Projector Pens that can project a custom logo with light on a wall, the floor or other surface, this pen provides a wheel with 8 different slides that can be projected instead of just one.  In addition, it’s possible to purchase additional replacement slide wheels.  While the minimum order quantity is currently only 100 pens at a price of about $5.55 each, the set-up cost for the initial (and replacement) 8-slide wheels is rather high.  Nonetheless, this can be a very unique item that could be particularly great for sales meetings, trade shows and much more.


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