More Hottest New Promotional Products for 2012

This is a continuation of our earlier post, Hottest New Promotional Products for 2012.  Here we’re showing more of the hottest logo products that are being introduced in 2012.  For more information on these, check out a complete list on our Featured Products page on our website at through March 2012 or call us at 877.300.5005.

Custom iPhone Keypad Case

This Custom iPhone Keypad Case  is an innovative new product that’s a great iPhone accessory for those who love the touch screen but also like to type on a keyboard (or, for those of us with fat fingers that can type more easily/accurately on a keyboard!).  This case for the iPhone 4/4S includes a bluetooth keyboard that slides out from under the phone when needed.  Your imprint can be place on the back of the keyboard making it a premium branded gift for employees, clients and more.  The case is made of ABS plastic.  The design offers an integrated lithium-ion battery that can be changed through your pc. The battery can offer up to 45 hours of continues usage. The keyboard includes a USB cable and instruction manual.

Custom Double Walled Stainless Tumbler

Sure, there are already a variety of Custom  Stainless Steel Tumblers, but the new Americana offers some great features.  In addition to sleek styling, this tumbler is a vacuum insulated double wall 18/8 stainless steel tumbler that includes a threaded 360 degree lid.  This new 360 degree lid allows you to drink from any location on the lid… which will help prevent those accidental spills and drips that seem to hit at the most inopportune times!   Best of all, this factory offers some of the best imprinting in the industry including a wrap imprint for the ultimate in design potential.  The Americana is available beginning in March 2012.

Custom Playing Card Holders

Custom Playing Card Holders are a new promotional production option for 2012.  In the consumer markets, these playing card holders have grown in popularity as baby-boomers age and find holders more and more convenient even if they aren’t experiencing arthritis.  Of course, they’re also great for youngsters that have a hard time holding cards… and many of the rest of us who like the convenience of keeping a large hand of cards in place.  These card holders can stand on a table or be held.  They hold 1 to 18 playing cards.   Of course, there are plenty of other possible uses for these from holding recipe cards to menus.  Add them to a gift of Custom Playing Cards for a gift set!

Custom Flashlight Bottle Opener Key Chains

Custom Flashlight Key Chains  continue to be popular items giving users light when walking across dark parking logs and to find easily find key holes in the card doors.   In addition, there has been a steady increase in popularity of products that incorporate bottle openers from Koozies to Flip Flops.  So, these Custom Flashlight Bottle Opener Key Chains are sure to be a popular item in 2012.  This items is made from Aluminum and includes 3 LED bulbs.  They uses button cell batteries.  While the featured product includes batteries, there are multiple factories offering similar products so always check (or just ask) to see if batteries are included.

Full-Color Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Promotional Kitchen Accessories have started to really take off in popularity the last few years, this includes continuing popularity of Custom Cutting Boards.  This Full-Color Tempered Glass Cutting Board ups the ante for 2012 with it’s full-color imprint across the full surface of the cutting board.  It’s made from break-resistant tempered glass that is textured and features rubber feet to help protect those expensive countertops.  It’s available in as few as 6 pieces which makes it a great gift option.  The cutting board is imprinted in full-color using four-color processing offering great design options.

 Debossed RFID Smart Card Wallet

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards, or Smart Cards, are becoming increasingly popular options for bank cards and some identification cards.  They allow users to just hold their bank cards up to a reader to make a purchase instead of having to swipe a card or to gain access to a facility in a similar manner.  One of the concerns with such cards is that the Radio Frequency Identification information could be stolen by someone with proper equipment in close proximity to the cards.  To combat this risk, Custom RFID Smart Card Wallets and Smart Card Sleeves are now available.  These wallets and sleeves help to prevent the signals from being assessed when the card is stored in the wallet or sleeves.  These debossed leather wallets are an attractive option to store these cards.  They would make a great gift for employees, customers and prospective clients.

Custom Response Cards with Pens

Here’s an innovative twist on Custom Response Cards that are often used in marketing campaigns, for satisfaction surveys at restaurants and hotels, as well as many other applications.  These Rip ‘N Write Response cards include a pen built right in.  Just tear along the perforated edge of the response card to remove the pen and tear the bottom to expose an ink pen that will allow users to immediately complete the cards and return them to you.  There’s no more hunting for a pen or waiting to borrow a pencil.  Initial users report an increase in responses using these cards.  They’re available with custom front and back imprint options.  For more information on options and pricing, just call 877.300.5005.

Custom Cutlery Set

These new Custom Cutlery Sets could be a great promotional item for a wide range of events from company picnics and county fairs to outdoor wedding receptions and food tastings.  The plastic cutlery set comes self-contained with a plastic cap to help maintain cleanliness and avoid the spread of germs. The set includes a knife, fork and spoon.  All three pieces are held together with the protective cover making it fast and easy for users to pick up a complete set.  They can be imprinted on the base or translucent cap.  They’re available in red, blue, green and white.    They’re available in as few as 100 sets and are FDA approved.

Custom Divot Tool

Custom Divot Tools are popular golf accessories.  This new Custom PitchFix Divot Tool is going to be a popular.  It features a european design spring-action divot tool that is just being introduced in the US.  And, it’s the type of thing that people will want to play with (we did!).  It includes a magnetized ball marker with full color custom epoxy dome that offers an upscale imprint. It includes an ABS surface with rubberized coating.   The divot tool is offered in 12 colors with optional gift packaging options available.  For more information about the PitchFix, call 877.300.5005.

Custom Key Chains

At first glance, you might wonder what’s so hot or innovative about the KeyZee compared to other custom key chains.  Well, if you’re like us, it can be annoyingly frustrating trying to get a key on or off those spiral wire loops.  So, if you’re lacking long nails, these will save you the frustration… and if you have long nails, these can help prevent damage to them!  The Custom KeyZee Key Chain features a fob that spreads the wire loops apart allowing the easy insertion or removal of keys.  It features a full-color epoxy dome imprint on the fob.  These are great promotional items for realtors, brokers, auto dealers, manicure salons, and much more!  The KeyZee is available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow.

Custom Stainless and Plastic Double Wall Tumblers

Another twist on those popular Custom Acrylic Tumblers with matching lids and straws, these Custom Stainless and Plastic Tumblers combine the durability of a stainless exterior wall and plastic interior wall into a double all tumbler.  There are a couple different version for 2102 including one which a straw as well as one with a travel mug styled lid.  They’re a higher-end option to the popular acrylic tumblers.

Custom Tote Bags

With thousands of Custom Tote Bags already, there are options for just about anyones taste and preferences.  And, of course, there are new styles and designs introduced each year.  Here are two of the more innovative design for 2012.  The Custom Highlander Business Tote features plaid accents with a variety of useful features including a D-ring to clip keys and a pen loop for each access as well as a front pocket and a unique mesh pocket on the side that can accommodate a small umbrella or water bottle.  There’s even a matching Highlander Umbrella option that compliments the tote.  The Custom Nicole Tote is a high gloss faux patent leather tote that’s highlighted by 6.5″ metal ring handles with an open center pocket.  This fashionable tote is a great high-end gift bag that would be used and reused.

Custom Light Up Hand Fans

Custom Hand Fans are great products for outdoor events to both keep users comfortable in warm weather as well as to deliver a message with the large imprint area on the surface of the fans.  In 2012, this new Custom Light-up Hand Fan will not only keep people comfortable in warm weather or crowded indoor events, but will also help light up an event with your imprinted logo.  They’re great options for any night-time or indoor event like concerts, rallies and much more.  The clear LED fan features 7 different blinking modes in rainbow color lights and an on/off switch.

Custom Zippo Hand Warmers

This Custom Zippo Hand Warmer featuring your laser etched logo could be the perfect gift item for colder climates.  It’s ideal for those who want enjoy the Great Outdoors even when it’s cold outside.  This rugged, metal hand warmer has a high-polish finish and a sleek, thin design so it easily fits into pockets, and it’s virtually odorless (great for hunters) and stays warm for up to 12 hours. Plus, it’s reusable with Zippo lighter fluid and includes a convenient filler cup and warming bag.  And, it looks pretty sharp too!

Custom Retro Stainless Steel Cooler

This is a new Custom Retro Stainless Steel Cooler from Igloo.  This chest size cooler is reminiscent of those early coolers that many of us grew up with… and which lasted throughout our childhood!  The body and lid of the cooler are constructed from durable, rust resistant stainless steel.  It features elevated non-metallic base uses cooler riser technology and uratherm insulation to keep contents cold.  It includes stainless swing side handles with comfort grips and a triple snap leak resistant drain plug for easy draining.  We especially like the convenient bottle opener located on front!  And, of course, it can be imprinted with your logo!

Custom USB Car Chargers

It wasn’t long ago that every time that you bought a new cell phone (or any other personal electronic device) that you had to also buy a new charger and car charger.  Fortunately, common sense has begun to prevail and most new electronics now can be charged using a standard USB charger.  That’s why these Custom USB Car Chargers are quickly becoming popular promotional items.   Since they offer functionality nearly all of us can use at one time or another, they’ll be retained and reused often.  There are even version that offer two USB ports in one charger.

Custom Easy Opener Bottle Opener

The Brookstone® Custom Easy-Open Bottle Opener  is a-eye catching bottle opener that would make a unique, higher end gift for people who appreciate the uniqueness of Brookstone… like us!   This stainless steel easy-open bottle opener. can quickly and effortlessly remove caps from a variety of bottles.  It operates with a simple downward push. With a simple pop, your cap comes off when you remove the Easy Opener.  It keeps areas clean by collecting caps via a built-in magnet.  It also works with twist off bottles.

Custom Jersey Sweatshirt Cooler Bags

For an innovative twist on Custom Lunch Coolers, these Custom Jersey Sweatshirt Coolers are an innovative option.  The unique jersey styling is a great option for schools, teams as well as for fundraising to support them.  The cooler bag can keep your food hot or cold for 4 – 6 hours. It includes a mesh pocket to hold your water bottle (bottle not included). There are also coordinating sweatshirt notebooks, sticky books or water bottles available.

Custom Power Station

Now, this is an executive type gift item that they’ll use!  This Custom Power Station is innovative charging solution that can charge up to 3 mobile devices simultaneously and is compatible with over 4,000 mobile electronic devices including the iPhone®, iPad®, Blackberry®, Nintendo® DS, PSP®, GPS systems, digital cameras, and Bluetooth® products. It features an interchangeable tip system making it completely customizable. It has 2 charging points and an additional USB charging point, allowing users to charge their electronics without the mess of tangled cords or the need for more than one outlet. Ships with two Micro USB tips, Mini USB tip, and an iPhone/iPod tip.