A Flyer’s Must Have

luggage-scalesInspired by having just flown back from our industry’s annual trade show in Las Vegas, we wanted to share a “must have” for anyone traveling by air these days.  A few years back, we were checking in for our return flight and the airlines ticket agent advised that one of our bags was overweight and suggested that we pop open the bags and start shuffling things between bags to balance the load and avoid the “overweight” bag fee.  If you’ve ever had your drawers hanging out for the world to see in the ticket line… or been hit up for a hefty overweight bag fee, you’ll certainly understand the value of a Portable Logo Luggage Scales.

Instead of trying to balance your spinner luggage on your bathroom scale, you simply attach the hook from the scale to the grip of the bag and lift with the scale.  That fast, you’ll find out how much your bag weighs so that you can shuffle things between bags in the privacy of your own home.  Better yet, you can take these portable scales with you so that you don’t have to try to remember what items were loaded into which bags to maintain the correct weight distribution for the return flight!

luggage-scales2As promotional products imprinted with your logo, these Logo Luggage Scales are great gift ideas for anyone in the travel industry as well as for businesses to provide employees who travel for the company.  Employees will not only appreciate the convenience but the company can save money on those overweight bag fees too!

Since we started using a portable luggage scale after our airport repacking incident, we haven’t even been questioned on the weight of our bags much less been faced with rearranging contents or paying a overweight fee.  We highly recommend these great gadgets for both business and recreational travel!