BNoticed: The Blog’s Makeover


This marks our first post since initiating a makeover of BNoticed:  The Blog.  The makeover follows introduction of BNoticed’s new eCommerce site,,  in the 2nd half of 2013.  While our developers continue to update and refine the new eCommerce site,  the site’s new enhancements include:

  • website-home-pageAn updated layout, look and feel designed to give visitors multiple avenues to find the products that are right for them… as well as information to help customers make the best choices for their needs.
  • Thousands of promotional products with special pricing and on-sale.  In fact, everything on the site is discounted at least 5% from the manufacturers list prices.
  • Specialty Categories featuring products that support a wide range of industries (e.g. Medical, Realty, Fitness, etc.), endeavours (Fundraising, School/Campus, etc.) and themes (Heart Shaped, House Shaped, etc.).
  • Insights & Ideas articles that provide more indepth information about products, imprint techniques and much more.

With the changes to the eCommerce site, we’ve now updated our Blog to better serve customers as a companion to the eCommerce site.  Blog posts will be categories into menu options that correspond to the eCommerce site.  Rather than the longer articles of our original blog, we’ll take a more traditional approach to blogging – sharing information and thoughts on more specific topics in a more concise format with more frequent blog entries.  We’ll utilize multiple members of our staff as contributors to give readers a more diverse perspective as well.

Recognizing that many followers continue to refer back to past blog articles, we’ve retained these in the Blog’s Archive category.  With the change to the new eCommerce site, many of the links may now be broken on these archived entries, but the information typically remains current and useful.

As a reminder, be sure to visit the Insight and Ideas section of our eCommerce site for more indepth information on many topics that we’ll be touching on in this blog in days ahead.  Thanks for following us!

How Will You BNoticed?