Heart Health: From Red Hearts to Red Dresses

Heart-Health-CollageFebruary is the American Heart Association’s Heart Health Month and AHA’s GoRed for Women Month.  So, in honor of these events and to help spread the word of the important cause, BNoticed will make a donation to AHA when you purchase one of our many Heart Health Promotional Products (see link).  For orders finalized by 7 February 2014, BNoticed will donate 10% of the product cost (excluding shipping/handling, set-up and optional services) to AHA.  Just enter PROMOCODE “BN-#GoRed” when placing your order.  It’s a great way for you to not only help support #HeartHealthMonth and #GoRed with your products but also with a donation from BNoticed to AHA.  Please help us raise awareness of the importance of maintaining good heart health, getting regular check-ups and recognizing the symptoms of heart disease.

For years, people thought that heart disease was primarily a man’s disease.  However, did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the United States and that it’s toll is greater than all forms of cancer combined?  Please show your support by wearing RED on February 7th, National Wear Red Day.

This cause hits home for us as our niece (okay, niece-in-law), Rachel, had a heart attack just 8 days after giving birth to a beautiful son in 2011.  Since then, Rachel has not only recovered but become a advocate for heart health and even served as one of 11 spokeswomen for AHA’s GoRed 10th Anniversary last year.  Check out Rachel’s Blog for her continuing story… she’s funny, inspirational and a thriving survivor.