In Real Life: Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest-5While in Las Vegas for our industries annual tradeshow, we decided to visit the Rainforest Cafe inside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino for dinner the first night.  For those who haven’t been to a Rainforest Cafe, it’s a destination in its own right.  Rainforest1The Rainforest Cafe is elaborately decorated to look like an actual rainforest with thick “foliage” covering just about ever exposed surface of the walls, ceiling and much more.  They have life size stuffed apes, leopards, birds and other animals perched among the foilage.  There are large acquariums with colorful, live tropical fish swimming around rock formations that will occupy the little ones while waiting for their meals to be prepared.  With dinning tables located throughout, the forest comes to life with booming thunder and lightening about ever half hour.  Many of the animals also come to life with movement and, of course, sounds of the wild.  The Rainforest Cafe is definitely an adventure that most kids (and adults) will enjoy and remember for years to come.  The restaurant also includes a large gift shop stocked with nature and animal themed memorabilia, branded apparel and much more to help keep those memories alive.  It’s this memorabilia that makes Rainforest Cafe a great example of how Promotional Products can be used for resale to make memories.

Rainforest-4Just reading the restaurant’s tag line “The Wild Place To Shop and Eat” speaks volumes when you notice that the “Shop” term precedes “Eat”.  It’s probably reasonable to assume that implies the restaurant garners a good income from the shopping aspect of their business.  That said, it appears that they do not sell their products on-line, so you will have to visit a restaurant to get one of their cool branded products!


Of course, they’ve done a great job at stocking the gift shop with items that correspond to their rainforest theme including animal themed products from plush stuffed toys to drinkware and much more. Their selection is impressive.  It would also appear that they’ve taken time to choose higher quality products which will provide a longer life for branding the restaurant.

If you haven’t yet tired a Rainforest Cafe, we suggest that you check out one of their many locations from LasVegas and Disneyland to Paris and Dubai… and be sure to check out their gift shop for your own promotional product inspirations… and to take home a memory.

NOTE:  Rainforest Cafe is not affiliated with BNoticed in anyway.  Use of their name, tagline and images are for illustration purposes only and in no way imply any affiliation with BNoticed.