New for 2014: State Cutting Boards


One of the cool new products for 2014… well, make that 50 of the cool new products for 2014… are the 50 U.S. States Shaped Cutting Boards.  There are actually even more since there are also continental U.S. shaped boards, DC shaped boards, Puerto Rico shaped boards and more.  The beautiful cutting boards are made from high quality, eco-friendly bamboo and include impressive details of the shape of each state.

The boards are laser engraved with your logo or custom message.  They not only would make a great gift or resale item but could also serve as a functional award or a souvenir for the travel industry.  For geographical themed events, the could also serve as an innovative invitation or momento.

27378180 bamboo knifeIn addition to the great cutting boards, there are a variety of accessories available like a bamboo lettuce knife that would make a great companion piece or could become part of a complete set with a cutting board, knife, salad bowl, and toss utensils.

Best of all, this line of Custom Bamboo Cutting Boards and Accessories are available with Special Pricing at BNoticed.

Unfortunately for the politicians out there, these boards only come in the natural bamboo color… not red or blue!