Value of Promotional Products

In 2013, the Advertising Specialty Institute published results of a global study conducted to determine the value of promotional products.  The study focused on the exposure that promotional products offer for brands measured in traditional advertising terms of “impressions”.

Writing Instruments

Half of respondents reported owning a promotional writing instrument, including pens and pencils.  The results are a bit higher for men (53%) than women (47%).

From an ethnicity perspective, Caucasians own promotional products at the highest rate (56%).

study---shirtsBranded shirts are among the most popular of all promotional products.  In this category, 44% of consumers own a branded shirt.  As might be expected, branded shirts are most popular with the younger demographics.  48% of those ages 21-34 and 45% of those ages 35-44 own a branded shirt.

Again, men tend to be more likely to own branded shirts (45%) than women (40%).

Interestingly, there appears to be some political agreement on owning shirts with 40% of Democrats and 41% of Republicans reporting that they own a branded shirt.  However, the study finds that 46% of Independents own branded shirts… maybe it’s an indication that some Independents are getting shirts from both parties!

On average, recipients indicate that 77% cite usefulness of a product as being the biggest factor in retaining the product over attractiveness (29%) and enjoyment having (29%).  Also, the average U.S. consumer has 10 promotional products.

A key benefit of promotional products is how long they work.  Unlike a 30 second commercial on television or a 15 second clip on the internet, promotional products are around have significantly longer lifespans with the average product kept for nearly 7 months!



It’s also worth noting that in the U.S., 63% of consumers indicated that they pass on promotional products that they don’t want rather than discarding them or filing them away.  That helps yield even more impressions!

One of the most significant measures reported in this study is that 86% of those owning promotional products remember the advertiser that gave them the product.  That’s pretty remarkable especially for those of us who can’t remember where we left our car keys!

Note that the aforementioned research was provided by the Advertising Specialty Institute, ©2013, All Rights Reserved.