Full Color Imprinted Coolers


In the promotional products industry, most imprinted products are sold in bulk quantities in order to make it cost effective to set up the printing equipment or create required tooling to imprint the products.  That was the case with cooler and beverage jugs until a year or two

800876760 coolerago when one of our premier suppliers began offering full-color imprinted coolers and jugs in low order quantities… in fact, now it’s possible to order just one imprinted Igloo cooler!

The full-color digital artwork is printed on a strong plastic which is heat-shrunk to the sides of several cooler models.  It’s often referred to as a Full Color Wrap Imprint and is a cost effective method to provide brilliant, high-quality, durable, full-color imprints in lower quantities.   Better yet, this imprint method is used on a wide range of Igloo coolers... the same coolers that are available in retail outlets.

21861224 iglooo jugWhile it’s  possible to get just one cooler with a full-color imprint, there are set up costs that can make it more cost effective to purchase at least a few coolers to help spread the set up costs across more than a single cooler.

Since the wraps are digitally imprinted, it’s possible to use a photographic image (also known as “Raster” or pixel-based artwork) for the imprint.  Of course, the size of the imprint will necessitate high quality images to ensure a crisp, clear imprint.

There are also Variable Imprint options for many  coolers and jugs that enable you to label each cooler or jug with individual names.  It can be ideal for sports team, scouts and much more.

Imprinted Coolers have come a long way in the last couple years… for those who need many or just a few!