More Polar Vortex Promos



This is a continuation of our post from yesterday’s post highlighting promotional opportunities that can be found even in the bitter cold and snow of a  winter polar vortex.

For years, many in the Midwest and Eastern United States have joked about the prospect of Nevada becoming beach front real-estate following the “Big One” (earth quake, that is) in California.  It would appear this winter has given Californians the opportunity to point out that Atlanta appears to be destine to become the New Chicago, just without all the salt trucks and snow plows.


In light of that prospect, might we suggest that the state and local governments consider investing in some branded weather stations for their elected officials and emergency management staff to ensure that they have up-to-date weather forecasts.  Some even having alarms to capture users attention when the National Weather Service issues Winter Storm Warnings.

19346080 winter emergency kitsImprinted Winter Emergency Kits are always a good gift idea for those in colder climates.  There are a variety of different kits available with varying contents ranging from snow shovels and insulated blankets to bandages and “call for help” signs.  Every motorist should have one in their trunk just in case… so they make perfect promotional gifts. 801037256 food ssurvival kit Of course, when you’re stuck in a 16 hour traffic jam with hundreds of other commuters, the “call for help” sign may not prove as effective as other times.  Recognizing that, it might also be a good idea to have a Customized Survival Food container in the trunk with emergency rations to feed a few people for a day or two.  Even in areas that are more familiar with harsh weather conditions, these promotional products can become life-savers when a car gets stuck in a ditch on a remote road or during white out conditions.


Promotional Lip Balm is winter essential for all great kissers (and, maybe, kiss-ups).  There’s not much more routinely annoying than chapped lips that come with frost-biting Nor’easters.  Fortunately, Promotional Lip Balms are available in a wide range of flavors to satisfy just about any pallet or preference.  Offer up some complimentary Caribbean Coconut or  Tahitian

28586580 snowman kit

Tangerine Lip Balm for a taste of the tropics to counter the cold.

Remind people that they can have some fun in the snow with this creative Customizable Snowman Kit.  It’s got everything you need to build a snowman, well, except for the snow and stamina.

21146712 patio heatersWhile those in the most extreme cold zones may not make much use of their patios during the bitter cold winter months, the fortunate folks in more tempered climates might benefit from a Promotional Beer Bottle Shaped Patio Heater.

Okay, so, it’s not likely that many people are going to run out to buy 130 of these (the minimum order quantity) but we had to toss them in since we thought they were kind of cool.