New for 2014: Pens with Personalities

1067-60BK_A-1 1067-60BK-A-2Mom always said to find a relationship based on personality, not looks.  Well, we fell in love with these new pens because they’ve got the best of both worlds… sexy looks and great personality.  They were a major hit at the recent Promotional Products Tradeshow… and that was among a bunch of people who work with promotional products every day.  Why… because these pens let you show some personality.  How many pens do that?  Bring a smile to their face with the classic comedic mustache pen clip on “The Sir Pen” which reminiscent of the Rip Taylor era or show some unspoken, creativity like Charlie Chaplin did with the “Hats Off Pen/Stylus” featuring a bolo hat stylus cover and black-tie pen clip.  And, to let you in  on a little secret, we’re not going to be too surprised to see more personalities making appearances as the year progresses!