Polar Vortex Promos


Recently, many of us learned much more about the infamous “Polar Vortex” than we ever really wanted to know.  Of course, it’s shared experiences like these than can make for highly effective promotional opportunities.  We’re not just talking about “I Survived the 2014 Polar Vortex” imprinted on t-shirts (though, a thermal shirt might not be a bad idea!), but there’s a range of winter themed promotional products that can be a perfect promotional giveaway or gift item during times like these.  telescopic scraperThink about how how appreciative that a hotel’s visiting guest will be when they’re offered a complimentary logo ice and snow scraper to get their rental car’s windows clean.

Whether it’s a customer who never anticipated needing an item, a prospect who forgot that essential item or simply a person in need, making life a little easier for someone during difficult times can build a great deal of good will (and maybe some good karma!).  Here’s just a few ideas for the next Polar Vortex… or just the next average bone-chilling cold snap.


For those on the go in colder climates, Embroidered Knit Caps, Custom Woven Scarves and Imprinted Knit Gloves are great gift ideas.  Don’t forget about tech-friendly Logo Touch Screen Gloves that help the tech-addicts among us connected at least until our iphone batteries or LCD screens freeze.


Embroidered Plush Blankets can be perfect for those who would rather hunker down until first thaw (or who might have no choice but to wait for the snow to melt to get out of the house). For 19368504 travel cooler the home-bound remote control enthusiast, how about an Imprinted Sleeve Blanket that keeps your hands free fro the clickin’.

For those avid sporting enthusiasts that worry about keeping their beers thawed while tailgating in frost-biting conditions, there’s 21054064 grillimprinted automotive coolers/warmers that hook up to your car lighter to keep the contents warm or cold.  Don’t forget about logo portable barbeque grills to provide some heat while keeping those hot dogs thawed.

In the most challenging of circumstances, people will remember those that come to their rescue whether it’s to keep their hands warm… or their beer thawed.  Be ready for the next opportunity… we hear the forecast is for more snow!