What’s Popular in Sochi?

Collectible-bannerDo you think that the days of collectibles are a thing of the past?  Think again.

Every two years (considering spring and winter events), athletes and enthusiasts from around the world convene for a series of athletic competitions to determine who is best at each type of event… and to exchange Custom Trading Pins (a.k.a. Custom Lapel Pins).  Participants and spectators alike exchange pins featuring their team, country or corporate logos as mementos of the event… and many will cover their hats, jackets, shirts and other wearable with the pins that they trade and collect.

Did you know that it’s common for Navy Commanders to exchange Custom Commemorative Coins when visiting other ships or commands?  Many high ranking military leaders (as well as lower ranking patriots) have amassed quite a collection of the commemorative coins that they proudly display in their offices and homes.

Promotional Commemorative Products can be a great way to build repeat business from customers, encourage annual donations from supporters, build teamwork among employees, or create memories for participants. Offering customers a different collectible each week or month can encourage them to revisit more frequently.  Likewise, rewarding donors with a collectible each year can encourage them to donate annually while allowing them a way to show their support to others.   Operating a business with multiple offices or just various departments… why not foster collaboration by encouraging each unit to design their own collectible trading pins and exchanging them as they work together?   Commemorate your annual picnic or holiday party with a collectible that will remind participants of the great time that they had at your event!  Of course, just like in Sochi, you don’t have to limit collectibles to giveaways… you can use them for resale too!  From a destination themed souvenier to a series with funny or cool designs, collectibles can be a source of revenue with just a little creativity.


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Oh, and, in case you couldn’t tell… yes, we were avoiding using the “O” word in the post so as to not tread on their trademark… something to always keep in mind when designing your own collectibles!