All In Apparel Line

trimark-guysIf you’ve purchased imprinted apparel before, you probably know that most product lines price the garments separately from the imprint.  So, a shirt, for example is priced as blank goods and then the imprint is priced based on the type of imprint (e.g. embroidery, silkscreen, etc.), size, location and other factors.  In most cases, customers have to request a quote to get pricing based on the garment they select, their artwork and size/location requirements.  BNoticed now is featuring a new All-In Apparel Line.  It’s called “All In” because the base price of the garments in this line already include variety of standard imprints.  This vastly simplifies ordering imprinted apparel.

Better yet, the All-In Apparel Line includes a wide variety of “Standard” imprint techniques (though availability may depend on the garment/material).  You can choose from embroidery (up to a generous 25,000 stitches), TrueEdge Heat Transfer (perfoect for a multi-color imprint without the added weight of silkscreening), Laser etching (for a more subtle tone-on-tone effect) and, one of our favorites, Debossed (for a 3D type effect).  And, if you’re familiar with ordering imprinted apparel, you probably know that larger sizes (e.g. 3XL, 4XL, etc.) are usually priced higher… but not with the All-In Apparel Line which includes sizes from XS to 5XL.


impact-pg1-imprint-locationsThere are also a variety of “Standard” imprint locations (though, again, availability may depend on the garment) as illustrated below.  For a slightly higher price, there are also additional size/location “Impact” options.

Best of all, BNoticed is offering Special Pricing on the entire All-In line making it not only Simple but a Great Deal!