Extreme Pong


2094867476 beer pongExtreme Sports are all the rage… so why not Extreme Pong (as in Beer Pong… though, reasonably, you could play with any beverage… Lemonade Pong Anyone?).  These days Beer Pong isn’t just a make-shift game played on College Campuses (though, I’m pretty sure it’s still popular on many campuses), it’s migrated to more mainstream bars and venues with organized teams (at least at the beginning of the night) and tournaments.  So, if you’re serious about your Beverage Pong, why not take it up a notch with a Premium Beer Pong Set imprinted with your logo on durable stainless steel party cups and bright pong balls.  No, they’re not cheap, but if your serious about your sport…  Heck, how much do those extreme skateboarders pay for their equipment?

25314292 beer pong tableIf you really want to make an impression, consider a Custom Full-Color Graphic Beer Pong Table.  With a sponsors logo or just a team picture, these full color tables are sure to make a bigger splash than the first ball landing in a cup!  Most tables fold up to make them portable and easily stored (assuming there’s enough time in between uses to actually store them!).

801285044 party cupsFor those looking to brand their Pong Games on a beer budget (so-to-speak), there are a variety of Custom Plastic Party Cups that can be imprinted with your logo and still meet your Beverage Pong needs.  There are even some Custom Ceramic Party Cup Options, but since they are breakable, they’re probably not the best options for a Beer Pong game.

In all seriousness, these can be great for a little adult fun whether its on campus or off.  They’re a great way for sponsors to gain recognition, for organizations to show off their logos (e.g. maybe a few Greek letters, for example) and would also make great gifts (maybe tournament prizes!).

Of course, please be responsible…don’t drink and drive… and don’t sell or serve alcohol to those underage.