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Juicebox: The Energy Drink for Your Cell

Cell phones are for much more than making phone calls these days. We use them to stay connected socially, as one of our primary news sources, to keep us entertained and to provide us directions… it’s no wonder we’re draining our new BFFs faster than ever before…


Extreme Pong

Extreme Sports are all the rage… so why not Extreme Pong (as in Beer Pong… though, reasonably, you could play with any beverage… Lemonade Pong Anyone?). These days Beer Pong isn’t just a make-shift game played


All In Apparel Line

If you’ve purchased imprinted apparel before, you probably know that most product lines price the garments separately from the imprint…BNoticed now is featuring a new All-In Apparel Line. It’s called “All In” because…


HOT NOW: Phone Wallets

Imprinted Phone Wallets are one of the hottest promotional products right now. They’re a great for times when you need to pack light…


New for 2014: Pens with Personalities

Mom always said to find a relationship based on personality, not looks. Well, we fell in love with these new pens because they’ve got the best of both worlds… sexy looks and great personality. They were a major hit…

29510088 ceramic mason mug

New for 2014: Ceramic Mason Mug

We’re always on the look out for interesting new products as well as new twists on popular products. This Ceramic Mason Mug qualifies as a cool new twist on the widely popular…


PREVIEW: Neon Styled Light Up Sunglasses

These new El Wire Neon Styled Green Light-Up Sunglasses are a perfect way to BNoticed for St. Patrick’s Day! They’re so new, they’re not even on our website yet… and won’t be available until…


New for 2014: Logo Voodoo Doll Key Chain

Just a year ago this week on the way to our annual industry trade show, we saw these cute little voodoo doll key chains at an airport gift shop. There were a few different styles/colors…