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What’s Popular in Sochi?

Do you think that the days of collectibles are a think of the past? Think again. Every two years (considering spring and winter events), athletes and enthusiasts from around the world convene for a series of athletic competitions to determine who is best at each type of event… and to exchange…


More Polar Vortex Promos

For years, many in the Midwest and Eastern United States have joked about the prospect of Nevada becoming beach front real-estate following the “Big One” (earth quake, that is) in California. It would appear this winter has given Californians the opportunity to point out that …


Taxes Bite, Bite Back!

April 15th is just around the corner which means that, if you haven’t already, it won’t be long before you’ll be thinking about taxes. As much as people dread tax time… even if you don’t owe money…


A Flyer’s Must Have

A few years back, we were checking in for our return flight and the airlines ticket agent advised that one of our bags was overweight and suggested that we pop open the bags and start shuffling things between bags to balance the load and avoid the “overweight” bag fee. If you’ve ever…


BNoticed: The Blog’s Makeover

This marks our first post since initiating a makeover of BNoticed: The Blog. The makeover follows introduction of BNoticed’s new eCommerce site,, in the 2nd half of 2013. While our developers continue to update and refine the new eCommerce site, the site’s new enhancements include: