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HOT NOW: Phone Wallets

Imprinted Phone Wallets are one of the hottest promotional products right now. They’re a great for times when you need to pack light…


New for 2014: Pens with Personalities

Mom always said to find a relationship based on personality, not looks. Well, we fell in love with these new pens because they’ve got the best of both worlds… sexy looks and great personality. They were a major hit…

29088872 gravity pen

Cool New Pen

During our recent tradeshow in Las Vegas, we found this cool and unique pen that’s new for 2014. It’s actually a combination Stylus and Pen… which is cool but not especially unique these days. What makes this pen unique is…


New for 2014: Logo Voodoo Doll Key Chain

Just a year ago this week on the way to our annual industry trade show, we saw these cute little voodoo doll key chains at an airport gift shop. There were a few different styles/colors…